“I believe in God”… A man entered Sogang University with a weapon and threatened a researcher

A man who entered a university with a weapon and메이저놀이터 threatened a researcher was caught by the police.

Mapo Police Station in Seoul is investigating Mr. A, a man in his 30s, on charges of trespassing into a special building and making special threats.

At approximately 1 a.m. today (8th), Mr. A is suspected of breaking into a building at Sogang University in Mapo-gu, Seoul, carrying kitchen scissors and other weapons.

Although it was early morning, the building in question was reportedly open and there was no restraint when Mr. A entered.

It was found that Mr. A threatened a female researcher on the 4th floor of the building, saying, “It is not good if you do not believe in God.”

The police who received the report were dispatched and arrested Mr. A red-handed, and found several weapons, including kitchen scissors, in Mr. A’s bag.

It was revealed that Mr. A said about the weapon in question, “It was something I originally carried.”

As a result of the police investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A stole the key from the cleaning worker’s lounge and broke into the women’s restroom.

However, Mr. A is reported to have stated, “I went into the men’s restroom because I thought it was there.”

The police released Mr. A, considering that no damage occurred and that there were no circumstances in which he took out a weapon and made direct threats.

A police official said, “We plan to look into whether there are additional charges.”

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