“I ran with the feeling of trying” Shin Ji-won’s decisive shot

“I jumped in with the feeling of trying, but luckily it got hit by my hand and went through the rim.”

Shin Ji-won (198cm, C), a sophomore at Hanyang University, played for 40 minutes and 11 seconds in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League match against Myongji University held at Myongji University Nature Campus Gymnasium on the 10th, and played an active part with 4 points, 13 rebounds and 2 assists. Hanyang University won 88-83 at the end of an extended game, and won two consecutive victories.

After the game, Shin Ji-won said, “I went to overtime, but if he lost, it would have been too hard. It’s really fortunate that we won, and I think it’s a pleasant victory,” he said of his victory.

Shin Ji-won scored only 4 points, but his presence shone in a decisive situation. Hanyang University was behind by 70-72. In the last attack, Heo Dong-geun’s layup shot missed the rim, but Shin Ji-won scored the decisive tip with 4.4 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

Thanks to Shin Ji-won’s performance as Altoran, the game went to overtime, and with Park Seong-jae’s performance, who scored 10 points in overtime alone, Hanyang University kept the victory after a bloody battle.

Shin Ji-won said, “In a losing situation, he thought that if he didn’t shoot, he should grab a rebound and get a foul. I jumped in with the feeling of trying it, but luckily I got hit by the hand and passed the rim. I feel really fortunate,” he said, looking back at the situation at the time.토스카지노

Shin Ji-won, Hanyang University’s only big man resource, contributes to the team in various ways, such as rebounding and screens alone. Shin Ji-won said, “Director Jeong Jae-hoon also gives me a lot of orders. There are many things that help the team because of my movement, and I am playing hard.”

Finally, Shin Ji-won expressed his aspirations, saying, “I don’t have many games left, but I really want to play a fun game by going to the playoffs.”

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