“I’ll never get hit again”… ‘Special patch production’ foreigner who misses the opening due to a bone bruise, is ‘sincere’ to return

A thick patch on the hat. He dreamed of returning, saying “I will never get hit again…”.

Dylan Pyle (27, Doosan Bears) signed a contract with Doosan for a total of $650,000 ahead of this season. Throwing a fastball with a speed of over 150km per hour and a stable breaking ball, he paired up with Raul Alcantara from the 2020 Golden Gloves with a foreign one-two punch.

He has been expected to throw a powerful ball since spring camp in Australia, but Dylan’s debut is yet to come. He was hit in the head by a batted ball during live pitching at spring camp, and after a medical examination, it was found that he needed a rest due to a bruised bone.

With the dizziness and pain gone, Dylan started working out in earnest. On the 12th and 16th, he digested bullpen pitching in front of officials including Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop at Jamsil Stadium.

In bullpen pitching on the 16th, he threw a ball wearing a ‘specially made’ hat. He put a thick patch on the right side of the hat. On top of the patch, like the existing players, sponsor advertisements were attached.

Dylan asked the club for a piece to protect his head. When the club inquired with the manufacturer, it made a thick patch-type protector. It could have been protected by putting it inside the hat, but in terms of wearing comfort, the hat that was put on the outside was more advanced.

Dylan said, “It’s very rare to get hit again, but I have a mindset just in case,” and said, “I’m using it well without any discomfort.”

Dylan is currently in no pain or abnormal condition. He began to improve his body condition smoothly during the bullpen pitching process.

In bullpen pitching on the 16th, manager Lee stood at bat and watched Dylan pitch. “It’s better than the 12th,” explains it.토스카지노

His physical condition is improving, but trauma is the biggest problem for pitchers who have been hit by bats. Even if you exercise normally, there are cases where you cannot throw the ball properly because the memory of the time comes to mind when you climb the mound.

Dylan will be tested early this week and if there are no special findings, he will play against Yeoncheon Miracle on the 20th.

He will appear in the first team in earnest if there is no problem after digesting about two actual matches.

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