I’m going to take a picture… German tourist smashes 150-year-old fountain statue

What issues and videos have caught the attention of netizens메이저놀이터 in the global social media and ever-changing Internet world?

The first is a mindless tourist who smashed a 150-year-old statue while trying to leave a photo for authentication.

People playing pranks on the stone statue in the center of the fountain!

The moment you hug the statue and pose for a photo, the stone statue that cannot overcome its weight collapses and shatters.

The place where the incident took place is a mansion in northern Italy built in 1870 that is now used as a luxury boutique hotel.

On the 31st of last month, 17 German group tourists, including famous influencers, were staying here, ignoring the entry ban rules and trying to leave a certified photo in the mansion’s fountain.

According to local reports, the statue is a valuable piece made over 150 years ago.

It is said that the value alone is over 200,000 euros and 280 million won in our money.

These unconventional tourists have returned to Germany after the incident.

Then, the owner of the mansion requested the police to investigate based on the CCTV footage at the time, and plans to demand full compensation for the cost of restoring the statue and damages from the tourists.

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