“Is it compulsory to give up your seat?”… An old man who yelled at a woman with a cast on her leg for not yielding to her

The story of an old man who nagged at a woman who injured her leg on a town bus and said, ‘I have no manners’ for not giving up her seat to a woman in a cast is known and controversial.

On the 26th, an article titled ‘Is it compulsory 메이저놀이터to give up your seat?’ was posted on an online community. Writer A revealed his motive for writing, “I’m posting a long post because I want to hear your opinions about what happened with my grandmother, whom I meet every day at the same time.”

According to the article, Mr. A said that she had been in a car accident a while ago and had injured her leg and had it in a cast. He, who always takes a village bus at the same stop with her grandmother, who is estimated to be in her early 70s, said, “When you get on the bus, there are often only one or two seats left. There was one seat today, so I sat first.”

Looking at Mr. A, who was limping and riding hard, her grandmother said, “Hey, ride a little faster. It’s stuffy,” she complained, she says.

She continued, “Her grandmother stood in front of me holding a chair and said, ‘My leg hurts. Young people don’t give up their seats,’ she said. I was looking at my cell phone, and I thought, ‘I pretend not to hear on purpose. I’m not polite,’ but I got angry at the moment and tried to say something to her grandmother. Everyone was on their way to the finish line, so no one made concessions,” she said.

Afterwards, her grandmother arrived at her terminal and even called for Mr. A to stop her. Then she said, “My lady, if the old man is standing in front of you, you should give her seat. How can you not yield to the end? You can’t do that. Every time I see it, I feel it, but I always get on first and occupy the seat, but it’s not really like that,” she nagged.

He said, “I went to work in a bad mood and told my colleagues. Among my co-workers, there is a person who said that he would not give up his seat when he sat down because he had a stomach ache due to a stomach ache.” Even if you want to make concessions, if you forcefully demand concessions like that, your heart will drop.”

Those who heard this story said, “You are also injured, so you are weak. There is no need to make concessions”, “This grandmother lowers her own dignity”, “There are people who treat people younger than her with ease, but there are also people who are unconditionally condescending and playful.” .

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