“It rained 45 mm”… Controversy over text penalty for no-show at golf course

If you made a reservation for a golf course during the holiday and canceled the reservation because it rained on the same day, it is controversial whether you should pay a penalty.

According to Mr. A, who lives in Seoul on the 10th, he received a text message from golf course B in Chungju, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 8th, asking him to pay a penalty.

The text message reads, “We informed you that it is difficult to cancel with a precipitation forecast of less than 1mm based on the forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, but it was treated as a no-show on the same day, and the reservation and interior will be suspended until 30% of the 4 people’s green fee is paid.”바카라사이트

Mr. A called golf course B at 8:00 am on the 6th and said, “There was a forecast that it will rain heavily and the wind is blowing strong, and it is currently raining in Seoul.” “I am canceling the reservation because the weather is bad.” Then, Mr. A explained, “I came to the golf course and waited and heard that it would be canceled if it rained heavily.” The reservation time for Mr. A’s party was 1:46 pm on the same day.

Mr. A protested that it was right to cancel the reservation, citing the fact that it took nearly two hours to travel from Seoul to Chungju, but the golf course eventually sent a text message asking for a penalty. Mr. A’s party consisted of 4 people, and each person had to pay 250,000 won. The penalty that Mr. A and his party have to pay is about 300,000 won.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration, on the 6th, 45 mm of rain fell in Noeun-myeon, Chungju City, where golf course B is located, and the wind blew at an average speed of 2.7 m per second.

Mr. A said, “It’s unfair,” saying, “It’s raining and the round is canceled. Does it make sense to have to travel for four hours round trip?”

Golf course B said, “At the time, there was a lull in the rain at the golf course, so there were many customers who actually played golf.”

In fact, according to the Fair Trade Commission’s standard terms and conditions for golf course use, if all user teams who have completed the entry procedures cannot complete the game due to natural disasters such as snowfall, heavy rain, fog, or other force majeure reasons, the usage fee is refunded.

Among golf enthusiasts, there is an opinion that detailed provisions regarding cancellation of reservations in case of heavy rain should be included in the standard terms and conditions.

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