“It’s not a place to choose a national team!” Already the 4th national team captain Kim Hyun-soo’s conviction statement

The national team is not a place where players choose. Kim Hyun-soo, the captain of the WBC national team, shared his thoughts on the national team.

On the 30th, through Incheon International Airport Terminal 1, the LG Twins team left for Arizona, USA for spring camp. Kim Hyun-soo revealed his thoughts on his national team in an interview before his departure.

Kim Hyeon-soo, who is leaving the spring camp training after a long time, said he would do his best to prepare, although he had to train for his team and national team at the same time.

Kim Hyun-soo is also the captain of the 메이저놀이터 baseball team and plays the role of the fourth captain. Kim Hyun-soo has been with the national team even when the national team’s results were good, but even when the results were not good. He has played as a member of the national team for over 15 years and knows the weight and responsibility of his national team.

Regarding some controversy that the national team players are getting older, he said in a strong tone, “The national team is not a place where players go because they want to. The national team is a place where they are selected. “I have to be able to play for the national team,” he said.

Kim Hyun-soo himself does not go to the national team because he wants to. It is an important time for his team to prepare for the season and build his body step by step to achieve his individual goals, but he has to train and compete as a member of the national team. It is never easy to control your personal condition at a not small age.

Kim Hyun-soo expressed his belief that the generational change should occur naturally for both the national team and the team it belongs to. He stressed that regardless of age, players with skills should be able to play, and players without skills should not be part of the national team.

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