It’s not easy to play even if we go to Jeon Seong-hyeon-Han Ho-bin PO!” Carrot incident, mountain over the mountain

 It is a problem even if Carrot pays the subscription fee and goes to the playoffs.

On the 24th, Director Jeong Kyung-ho of Carrot said, “I will pay the second portion of the subscription fee (1 billion won) by 6:00 pm on the 31st. Even if it becomes difficult to pay, we will take appropriate measures, such as prior notice, so that there are no disruptions to the playoff operation and league events.”

Carrot has yet to pay the subscription fee in full. KBL announced that Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi and Lee Jung-hyun will normally participate in the playoff media day on the 31st.

Even if Carrot goes to the playoffs in 5th place, it is difficult to operate the game normally. It is difficult for key players Jeon Seong-hyun and Han Ho-bin to play. Jeon Seong-hyeon injured his cochlea, which ruined his sense of balance. Han Ho-bin doesn’t like his thighs. The two missed the match against Hyundai Mobis on the 27th. 

Manager Kim Seung-gi said,온라인카지노 “Even if Jeon Seong-hyun and Han Ho-bin go to the playoffs, it is not easy. I don’t know about the subscription fee issue. I believe that it is solved from the top. The team will do their best until the end.”

In the current situation, even if Carrot pays the subscription fee in full and goes to the playoffs, there is a high possibility that he will disappoint Goyang fans with poor performance. 

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