‘Kim Eun-joong opponent in the round of 16’ Ecuador’s vigilance “Korea, a team that is comfortable and quick to switch between offense and defense without a ball”… Two key defenders injured 

Kim Eun-joong’s World Cup round of 16 opponent, South American powerhouse Ecuador, was wary of the Korean national soccer team.토토사이트

Ecuador U-20 national team coach Miguel Bravo said on the 30th, ahead of the FIFA U-20 World Cup round of 16 match between Korea and Korea that will be held at the Estadio Unico Madre de Ciudades in Santiago del Estero, Argentina on the 2nd of next month (hereinafter Korean time). In an interview with, “Korea feels comfortable without the ball. They don’t need to own the ball a lot, and they are a team that comes out quickly from the back. Korea showed that they are very good at transitioning (off-and-off) through the game against France. You have to decide whether to own the ball or what to do to avoid the wrong position when you lose the ball.

“We analyzed all of these things,” Bravo said, predicting “a tight game on the side.”

Coach Bravo, who defeated Fiji 9-0 in the third match of the group stage, said, “You have to win with ‘half a goal’ or whatever. To win, you have to play a good game, but winning with a good game happens sometimes.” ‘, he emphasized. Ecuador finished second in Group B with 2 wins, 1 loss and 6 points in the group stage, and advanced to the round of 16 to face South Korea, second in Group F. After defeating France in the first group stage match, Korea drew consecutively with Honduras and Gambia.

Ecuador has the pain of losing 0-1 against Korea in the semifinals of the 2019 U-20 World Cup. Goalkeeper Hilmar Napa said, “Korea is a strong tactical rival.” There is no reason to hold a grudge against Korea,” he said.

According to ESPN, defenders Mikey Del La Cruz and Cristian Garcia, who played in all three group stage matches, are recovering from injuries. We plan to check the condition by the 31st local time to determine whether or not to participate. The winner of the Korea-Ecuador match will face off against the winner of the Argentina-Nigeria match on the 5th in the quarterfinals.

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