Kim Ha-seong sang applause for ‘explosion of defense sense’… First 4 hits of the season

It was a ‘one-man show’ by Kim Ha-sung. He hit well,메이저놀이터 picked out well, and got on base four times. He also took the souls of the opposing team out with his brilliant defense full of quickness.

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Kim Ha-seong raised the excitement of home fans from his first at-bat.

He made a hit by hitting a fastball that reached 158 km/h and 100 miles per hour without letting go, but this scene received even warmer applause than this.

[Local Broadcaster: I think he was trying to send it to first base at first. But he helps again. Ha-seong Kim’s good defense.]

Ha-seong Kim empties third base and runs forward to catch the ball, then turns around and throws himself.

The moment when the witty defense that caught the runner with the scoring lead and the dedication to the team were buried, the home fans applauded, and the runner and the opposing manager, who were chased out in an instant, protested that Ha-seong Kim had pushed, but the referee maintained the centrifugal value.

Last season, Kim Ha-seong, who was nominated for the National League Gold Glove, has not changed as much as this season.

Throwing himself to the ground to erase runners, he blocks hits with spur-of-the-moment judgment, earning compliments from fellow pitchers.

Today, when he stood at bat as well as defense, he went to first base and recorded his first ‘4 on base’ all season.

Two hits, two walks, and home runs added points, but the team lost as it went 2-for-9 in scoring position.

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