Kim Jong-un, who came out with his eldest daughter Joo-ae, “the heads of Korea, the US and Japan gangsters”

The Korean Central News Agency said on the 29th, “When the respected comrade Kim Jong-un arrived at the Navy Command with his beloved son, the navy officers were thrilled and enthusiastic, overflowing with joy at receiving the honor and privileges free of charge on their meaningful founding holiday (Navy Day). The cheers of cheers were raised and raised again.” Here토토사이트‘beloved son’ refers to Kim Joo-ae, the daughter of Chairman Kim.

It has been about three months since Kim Joo-ae appeared in public. On May 17, she appeared in a white coat and a white hat on the field map of Chairman Kim’s Reconnaissance Satellite Launch Preparation Committee.

After receiving a report on the operational plan from the naval commander that day, Chairman Kim took the initiative in any unexpected armed conflict and war and presented Juche-oriented naval operational and tactical policies for a preemptive offensive, the news agency said.

Also, in his speech, Chairman Kim seemed to be aiming at the Korea-US-Japan summit held at Camp David, the US president’s villa on the 18th (local time), “Not long ago, the heads of gangsters from the United States, Japan and ‘Korea’ gathered together to discuss various disputes between the three parties. “We announced that we would be regularizing our joint military exercises and started implementing them.”

Chairman Kim said, “Due to the reckless confrontation maneuvers of hostile forces, including the United States, the waters of the Korean Peninsula have now turned into the world’s largest collection of war equipment and the most unstable nuclear war risk zone.” did. “The current situation that has been created requires that our Navy be ready to devote all its efforts to completing war preparations, maintaining a constant warfare posture, destroying the enemy’s will to war in case of emergency, and carrying out the military strategy of the Supreme Command,” he said. Emphasized.

Chairman Kim’s visit to the Naval Command that day was accompanied by Kim Joo-ae, Labor Party secretary Ri Pyong-cheol, former Vice Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Military Commission Pak Jeong-cheon, and Defense Minister Kang Soon-nam.

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