Kim Joo-ae, legs crossed next to Kim Jong-un… also received a salute from the naval commander

North Korea’s Chairman Kim Jong-un’s recent visit to the Naval Command with his 10-year-old daughter, Kim Joo-ae, is gaining momentum in the analysis that Kim Joo-ae is receiving ‘successor’ lessons.Kim Jong-un’s visit to the Naval Headquarters, which was covered on the메이저놀이터 28th of last month by state-run media outlets such as North Korea’s Chosun Central TV and Rodong Sinmun, shows that Kim Joo-ae received a military review along with Kim Jong-un and sat on the podium at an indoor event .

In the video released by North Korean media, Kim Joo-ae is dressed in a suit, wearing a white jacket and black pants, and wearing fairly high-heeled shoes. It has been three months since the North Korean media revealed Kim Joo-ae’s movements, and she portrayed her in a much more precocious image than before, which is being analyzed as ‘symbolic manipulation’ to show the people that she is a ‘future person of power.’

Kim Joo-ae received a raised hand salute from Navy Commander Kim Myung-sik, and as she received an operation plan report with Kim Jong-un, she was seen standing on her other leg while Kim Jong-un spoke. On the day he visited the Naval Headquarters with Kim Joo-ae, Kim Jong-un sent a message harshly criticizing the three countries, calling the leaders of South Korea, the United States, and Japan “head gangsters” in a speech commemorating Navy Day.

Regarding this, a former high-ranking official of the Ministry of Unification said on the 1st, “In order to be recognized as the best leader by the North Korean people, he must show the loyalty and absolute support of the entire military and stand up to the United States, but Kim Jong-un is showing that Kim Joo-ae is the person who will naturally pass on his throne. “I think so,” he said.

This means that it is no coincidence that Kim Joo-ae first appeared at the launch site of the Hwaseong Type 17 intercontinental ballistic missile ( ICBM ). This official said, “ There is a reason why Kim Joo-ae was brought to the ICBM launch site targeting the United States,” and added, “It is the optimal requirement to create the image of a leader who can deal with the United States while receiving absolute support from the military. ” In fact, 11 of the 15 public activities of Kim Joo-ae revealed by North Korean media since November last year, when she first appeared at her ICBM launch site, were focused on the military field.

At the time of Kim Joo-ae’s first appearance, the prevailing analysis among North Korean defectors and North Korea experts was that Kim Joo-ae was unlikely to be the second person to succeed Kim Jong-un’s power. Her reason was that her daughter, not her son, was unsuitable as her successor due to the nature of North Korean society, which still has a strong patriarchal culture. A former senior official at the Ministry of Unification said, “I don’t think there is any distinction between men and women in the Baekdu bloodline. In the past, during Kim Jong-il’s time, her younger sister Kim Gyeong-hee was also a woman, but when Kim Jong-il passed away, she played the role of second-in-command who could inherit that role.”

Some believe that the fact that Kim Jong-un, who is still in his 30s, is already preparing for a power succession shows his sense of urgency. Regarding this interpretation, this official said, “Unlike himself, who suddenly became the successor, Kim Jong-un will want to raise his children to be fully prepared leaders.” “It is different when a child inherits the throne.”

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