Kim Min-wook, who missed the coat, “I didn’t think about money at all”

“I didn’t think about money at all. I had the heart to run without a fight.” It was the background that Kim Min-wook (33, 205cm) signed a contract with Day One, who was walking on a foggy road.

Kim Min-wook signed a contract with Goyang Day One on the 18th for an annual salary of 200 million won (160 million won, incentive 40 million won) during the contract period. At first glance, it is a questionable choice. Kim Min-wook, who obtained FA qualification, had a team other than Day One who received a recruitment offer.

Day One is a team whose normal operation in the future is unclear, as wages for coaching staff, players, and the secretariat have not been paid recently. I can’t even guarantee that I will be paid next month’s salary right away.

The reason Kim Min-wook chose Day One was ‘because he missed the coat’. Kim Min-wook played only 2 minutes and 56 seconds in 1 game in the 2021-2022 season, and in the 2022-2023 season, he only digested an average of 7 minutes and 56 seconds in 11 games.

“I never thought about money. The salary was left to the club, and he thought, ‘Let’s do as the contract says’. What I focused on was ‘a team with a chance to play even a little bit more’. So he took Day One.” Minwook Kim says:

Coach Kim Seung-gi, the commander of Day One, has a deep relationship with Kim Min-wook. Coach Kim Seung-gi made effective use of Kim Min-wook, who was tall and had shooting skills during Anyang KGC. He traded to Busan KT (currently Suwon KT) for various interests, but after that, it was coach Kim Seung-gi who tried to trade several times to re-enlist Kim Min-wook, who couldn’t get a chance at KT.

Kim Min-wook, who said, “He was a person who knew well about my utilization since the KGC days,” said, “Last year, he promoted recruitment immediately after the cup competition, and this season, he tried to trade at the last minute in the 4th round, but it didn’t work. He gave me a call whenever I was having a hard time, and when I left the entry and left alone at the dorm, he called me separately and bought me a meal. ‘I can use it well if I bring it, but there is no way. He said, ‘You’re making a good body’, but he turned around and met the director again.”

It is truly a ‘jin of multiples’. Kim Min-wook said,메이저사이트 “You may experience financial difficulties. His parents and other acquaintances also said that a stable environment would be better. I am also the type of person who chooses safety whenever possible, but it seemed that there would be no more turning points in my life. I’m worried, but I want to run without a fight. Even if I go to another team, if I just sit on the bench, my (life as a player) is really over,” he said, leaving a unique aspiration.

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