Kim Yeon-kyung 24 points… Sweaty victory over the lowest ranked ‘Pepper’

While the effect of Kim Yeon-kyung continued to the extent that 3,000 spectators flocked to the Gwangju away game, Heungkuk Life Insurance, which even resigned as acting manager following the recent manager hardship, played close matches with the lowest-ranked Pepper Savings Bank in every set.

The first set was won 토토사이트 25 to 22 with Kim Yeon-kyung’s last-minute consecutive scores, but in the second set, Pepper Savings Bank’s foreigner Juponia Reid scored consecutively and knelt 25 to 23.

Set 3 was the highlight.

Heungkuk Life Insurance terribly caught up with Yelena’s strong blow in a situation where they were behind 20 to 16, and Kim Yeon-kyung came out as a solver in a bloody three-time deuce encounter.

Kim Yeon-kyung roared as she hit the spikes one after another deep in the diagonal, and took the opponent’s surprise spike and led the finish line to win 28 to 26.

Heungkuk Life Insurance, who broke through the 4th set close situation with Kim Mi-yeon’s consecutive serve scores, won the set score 3-1 and narrowed the gap with the leading Hyundai Gyeonseol to 5 points.

In the men’s division, 2nd place Hyundai Capital beat Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance 3 to 1, and continued their 4-game winning streak against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance this season.

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