‘King of the End’, right? Weigh-in failure → Judgment at the end of the match → Disgrace before returning after 3 years

The champion who was once called the ‘end game’ lost helplessly. Kwon A-sol, who was the best box office card in Road FC, lost again in a comeback match after 3 years.

Kwon Ah-sol (36) lost to Koji Nakamura (37, Japan) by unanimous decision in the Goobnemol ROAD FC 062 -73kg contract weight match held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 18th.

This match was Kwon Ah-sol’s return to mixed martial arts after three years. Kwon A-sol, who lost by decision to Shamil Zavrov in November 2019, has not been a mixed martial artist since. Kwon A-sol, who made a comeback in May with a boxing match with Nam Eui-cheol, prepared for his comeback match against Nakamura, who had defeated him in his Road FC debut match.

However, he failed at the weigh-in held the day before and was in danger of canceling the match. He collapsed during his last weight loss, so he drank water and gained weight again, recording a whopping 78kg at the weigh-in.

Nakamura expressed his intention that he could fight as long as Kwon A-sol’s health was good even though he weighed 5kg, and Kwon A-sol expressed his gratitude and started the match.

Kwon A-sol was deducted 5 points for each round due to a weigh-in failure. He had to finish to win.

But he was too quiet. Neither attacked very nearly for nearly four minutes from the start, and in the end both were booked. Afterwards, Kwon A-sol did a little kick and punch attack, but it didn’t do much damage.

In fact, Nakamura, who can win without doing anything special, was not in a hurry at all. Nakamura made full use of his wide cage in the second round as well, occasionally hitting and dropping at high speed. Kwon Ah-sol rushed at me several times, but quickly escaped.

In the third round, Nakamura continued to play passively, and was eventually cautioned. Kwon Ah-sol attempted a takedown with a tackle with 2 minutes left, but failed. After exchanging punches several times, Kwon Ah-sol tried to take down in the clinch, but rather lay down on the ground, and the match ended after allowing the pounding. 토토사이트

Winning or losing was bonamana. It was Kwon Ah-sol’s decision by unanimous decision.

In a cage interview after the game, Kwon Ah-sol said, “I don’t think I should say a lot. I’ve made too many mistakes. I’ll apologize.” He then bowed his head, saying, “I’m sorry to the fans, and I’m sorry to the CEO, officials, and players who played together for ruining the tournament.”

However, he did not give up his revenge on Nakamura yet. Kwon A-sol said, “Nevertheless, I thank Koji Nakamura for the match,” and said, “After the game, I asked Nakamura to play again, and he laughed. I’ll come back with the third game.”