KLPGA players drawing next year in ’30 degree scorching sun’ Vietnam, their goals for next year

The scorching sun and clear sky over 30 degrees.

Scenery of Thu Dau Mot in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, where the second KLPGA (Korean Women’s Professional Golf) Tour in 2023, PLK Pacific Rings Korea (PLK) Championship with SBS Golf (total prize money 700 million won, championship prize money 126 million won) will be held to be. Unlike Korea, where cold waves and snowstorms blow, KLPGA Tour players are wrapping up the year and preparing for the start of the new season here in summer.

This tournament, held at Twin Doves Golf Club (par 72, 6549 yards), is the second game of the season. With the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open, the first tournament of the 2023 season, with the winner covered by the results of the first and second rounds without a final round due to lightning, the heat of this tournament is expected to get even hotter. 토토사이트

After this tournament, the KLPGA tour will enter a break until March next year. The idea is that each player will check their shots through rest and winter training and achieve their goals for the new season.

Lee So-mi (23), who won the championship for two consecutive weeks at the end of the 2022 season, looked back on the year, saying, “It was a year when I thought that experiences, good or bad, were beneficial.” Hana Jang (30) expressed her anticipation for the 2023 season, saying, “It was difficult to change the swing, but I think it is the year that laid the foundation for change and success.” Park Hyeon-kyung (22), who won runner-up in Singapore, said, “You can see the 7th runner-up as a jinx, but I think it was a good thing in its own way.” .

Unlike Korea, Twin Doves Golf Club, where the tournament is held, has the unique characteristics of Southeast Asian grass called ‘Tteok Grass’. Players who are familiar with domestic competitions may have difficulty in attacking the green. Jang Ha-na, who won a come-from-behind victory by 5 strokes here in 2018, said, “It’s a place where I won my first championship after returning to the domestic tour, so it’s a special feeling, but today it felt more difficult than usual.” strategy was revealed. Lee Ga-young (23) said, “The green is steep and the grass is very grainy.”

It is the final stage of this year, but each player has a clear goal in that it is the starting point of the new season. Park Hyun-kyung said, “I was ranked first in average putting in the 2021 season, but I became second in the 2022 season. Putting is what I like the most and feel good when it goes well. I really want to try to rank first in average putting.” he emphasized. Lee So-mi emphasized, “Since I was a rookie, I have been aiming for the first place in green hit rate. In the meantime, there have been many cases where I have stopped at the edge, but I really want to try it in the 2023 season.” Lee Ga-young expressed her wish, “I want to become a player who is good at many things rather than one thing. I hope my overall performance goes up one notch from this year’s and stays at the top.”

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