KPGA Kim Bio, opening on the 18th SK Telecom Open 2nd consecutive challenge

Bio Kim will defend the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour SK Telecom Open (total prize money of 1.3 billion won) title.

Bio Kim will participate in the SK Telecom Open held at the East and West courses (par 71) of Pinx Golf Club in Seogwipo, Jeju Island for four days from the 18th.

Bio Kim has a deep relationship with the SK Telecom Open. He won the prize money title in 2012 when he won this tournament, and last year, he won the SK Telecom Open, completely quelling his finger profanity and making a comeback.

Kim Bio, who failed to report a win on the KPGA Korean Tour this year, is determined to catch two rabbits: his first win of the season and a title defense that he has never done before.

Bio Kim won nine times, including eight wins on the KPGA Korean Tour and one win on the One Asia Tour, but he has never won the same tournament two years in a row.

He is also aiming to tie the record for the most wins in the SK Telecom Open.

The player who has won the most of the 25 SK Telecom Opens so far is Choi Kyung-ju, who has won three times.

If Kim Bio wins this time, he will stand shoulder to shoulder with Choi Kyung-ju.

Bio Kim is also strong against the Pinx Golf Club.

The SK Telecom Open has so far been held at Ildong Lake Golf Club, Lakeside Country Club, Baekam Vista Country Club, and Sky72 Golf Club in addition to Pinx Golf Club, and Kim Bio is the only player who has won twice at Pinx Golf Club.

Last year, he also set records for winning the tournament with the fewest strokes (265 strokes) and winning the most strokes (7 strokes).

“I’m nervous but excited because it’s a tournament where I’m competing as a defending champion,” said Kim Bio.

Choi Jin-ho, who won the SK Telecom Open twice in 2015 and 2017, also aims to tie the record for the most wins with Bio Kim.

Jung Chan-min, the strongest hitter in KPGA Korean Tour history, challenged for his second win of the season following the GS Caltex Maekyung Open.

Jeong Chan-min was eliminated from the cut in this competition last year when he was a rookie, but this year he will compete as a confident champion who ranks first in both Genesis Grand Prize points and Genesis prize money rankings.

Park Sang-hyun, the 2009 champion, and Ham Ham-woo, the 2019 winner, both showed off their unchanging and sophisticated shots despite their age of innocence.

Choi Kyung-ju, who participated in the event for the 21st time and became a symbol of the SK Telecom Open, also draws attention.

Choi Kyung-ju not only won three championships, but also left a record that almost no one can surpass: passing the cut 12 times in a row from 2008 to 2019.

53-year-old Choi Kyung-ju participated in this tournament with the goal of winning the championship, not for the significance of participating.

Kim Young-soo, who swept the prize money and the grand prize last year and advanced to the DP World Tour, is making his second appearance in a domestic tournament following last month’s Korea Championship.

Since the Korea Championship is jointly organized by the KPGA Korean Tour and the DP World Tour, it is actually the first time this year that Kim Young-soo is participating in the KPGA Korean Tour.

Go Gun-taek, who won the DB Property Insurance Pro Me Open in the opening game of this season, will go on a hunt for the second win of the season in his hometown of Jeju.

SK Telecom, the organizer, applied various AI-based technologies to this competition so that fans watching the competition through TV and mobile broadcasting and fans visiting the site can enjoy the competition more conveniently and fun.카지노사이트

In particular, using AI media technology, ‘AI Choi Kyung-ju’ appears in every round broadcast to deliver tournament information and points to watch to viewers.

‘AI Choi Gyeong-ju’ learned various information including Choi Gyeong-ju’s game appearance, interviews, the course of the ‘SK Telecom Open’, and players’ records.

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