Lee Chae-eun, who left Hana 1Q and transferred to KB, said, “I received a lot of encouragement. I will respond to it”

Lee Chae-eun conveyed her determination.

Lee Chae-eun (171cm, G), who graduated from Inseong Girls’ High School, joined Bucheon Hanawon Q as the 3rd place in the 2nd round of the 2018-2019 WKBL New Player Selection. Lee Chae-eun showed more activity in the Park Shin-ja Cup and Futures League than in the first team. He also helped Hana 1Q win the first round of Triple Jam in 2022. He spent four seasons in Hana OneQ alone.

However, on the 1st, he was transferred to Cheongju KB by trading with Choi Ji-seon (175cm, F). He is Lee Chae-eun, who is left with regret as much as he has received a lot of love for 4 years. Through a phone call with this magazine, Lee Chae-eun said, “I have been at Hana One Q since I was a newcomer. He has many older sisters with him. So he listened a lot with his older sisters. Still, the unnies encouraged me a lot.”

Then, “Unnies said, ‘If you go to KB and work harder, you will have a good opportunity. Don’t be too sad and work harder’. That’s why I’m holding on to my heart and trying to work harder. I will work hard to receive more opportunities myself,” she said, expressing her determination.

And “When I was at Hana 1 Q, (Shin) Ji-hyun unnie helped me a lot. Even when she transferred, her sister said, ‘I told you to take care of the KB players’. That’s why he takes care of me so well. Like Jihyun unnie, and the other 1Q unnies, she is also very grateful to the KB players,” she said, expressing her gratitude.

When asked about off-season plans for Lee Chae-eun, he said, “I want to supplement the defense more. In the meantime, I tried to harass the opponent through aggressive defense. That didn’t go well. However, KB is a team that plays such a defense. It’s a part where I can grow more. I will focus more on defensive training in the future to fill my shortcomings.”

Also, when I asked Lee Chae-eun about the difference between KB and Hana 1Q training, she said, “I only did weight training at KB. To pick out the difference, Hana 1 Q does a lot of repairs with a light weight. But here we have to make the angle bigger. I didn’t pay much attention to the angle in the past, but I have to pay close attention here. Squats and bench presses are all done at full range of motion. It is still difficult,” he explained.크크크벳

Lee Chae-eun has struggled somewhat with injuries over the past few years. That’s why Lee Chae-eun said, “When I was at Hana 1 Q, I got hurt before the Park Shin-ja Cup or the Futures League. He suffered an injury before he had a chance to play. This year, I want to run more by preparing myself so that I won’t get hurt in advance if I feel more uncomfortable. At the same time, I want to show my skills,” he said, wary of injury. 

Lastly, “Honestly, I couldn’t play many games at Hana 1Q. But the fans really supported me a lot. He wrote letters and cheered me on. It hurts to hear that you regret my transfer. However, I will show you a better image at KB, so I hope you continue to support me.” He did not forget his affection for the fans.

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