“Lee Jung-hoo, you have to go to second base~” Lee Jong-beom, sincere feedback from his son on ‘cold/hot water’ [WBC]

 “I have to go to second base. It means to work hard~”

LG coach Lee Jong-beom visited the WBC site as an MBC commentator. On the 9th, Commissioner Lee Jong-beom broadcast live the first round of Group B match between Korea and Australia. Although he is incumbent, he showed sharp commentary as he also had a career as a commentator in the past.

Apparently, the commentary on his son, Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), drew the most attention from domestic fans. On this day, Lee Jeong-hoo started as center fielder No. 3 and played the minimum role by scoring 1 hit and 1 ball in 4 at-bats. Lee Jeong-hoo completely changed his batting mechanic this winter, keeping in mind his adaptation to the major leagues a year later. He lowered his arms from his ears to his chest and closed his open stance a little.

Lee Jung-hoo takes a year to adapt to this mechanic. Somehow, at the national team camp, there were not as many cool hits as usual. Commissioner Lee Jong-beom also opened his mouth when a ground ball to first base in the first at-bat in the first inning and a floating ball to center fielder in the second at-bat of the fourth inning came out.

Commissioner Lee said, “It was a bet that was not like Lee Jung-hoo now. A hit ball came out.” He even shouted, “I have to go to second base~” after he got a hit in the direction of center field in the 6th inning. In fact, when Lee Jung-hoo safely stayed on first base, commentator Jeong Min-cheol smiled and said, “I told you to go to second base earlier, but will you give me feedback on how I ran loose?”

Then, the member said, “Sure.” Then he said, “He wants to run hard. Park Byung-ho has one-hit power, so we have to keep that in mind.” Although it was his son’s play, it was a sober remark focused on Korea’s victory. As a commentator, I could do that.메이저사이트

However, he did not hesitate to praise Lee Jung-hoo. Commissioner Lee said, “Lee Jung-hoo has to strike like this. He is a No. 3 hitter, but with a mid-long range style rather than a long hit, he always needs to highlight his role as a link in the lineup. If he survives in front of Park Byung-ho, he can come out with a high concentration.”

Coach Lee couldn’t hide his bitter look when Korea lost 7-8. On the other hand, with a sharp eye on the Australian batsmen, “The timing is good. The Japanese pitchers also hit the ball well. He has a swing that doesn’t overdo it as a whole.”

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