Lim Sang-hyeop leaves Pohang and transfers to Seoul… Reunion with director Ahn Ik-soo

Lim Sang-hyeop heads to FC Seoul.

A soccer source said on the 18th, “The Clinical Cooperation, which has been completely revived in Pohang, is heading to Seoul.”

Im Sang-hyeop, who made his pro debut at Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2009, moved to Busan in 2011 and showed off his offensive power. In 2011, he appeared in 34 games and recorded 10 goals and 2 assists, establishing himself as a key player in Busan. However, he failed to show explosive power as expected, and in 2014, he again made his name known by recording 11 goals and 2 assists.

Lim Sang-hyeop joined Sangju for military service in 2015 and recorded 12 goals and 3 assists in 34 games, recording the most goals. In addition, the sangsanghyeop, which failed to continue its performance, revived in Pohang in 2021. Under the guidance of coach Kim Ki-dong, he played 36 games and scored 11 goals -4 assists, performing like Altoran. 토토사이트

Also in 2022, he played in 36 games, scored 8 goals and 2 assists, and made stable results in a row.

The source explained, “Seoul promoted the recruitment of Sang-hyeop to fill the void in the enlistment of Jo Young-wook.” This is the first reunion in 10 years with manager Ahn Ik-soo, whom he met in Busan, who showed the most explosive power after his professional debut.

Clinical Hyeop, who terminated his contract with Pohang, is expected to complete the joining process after a medical test with Seoul soon.