Los Angeles Clippers, 11-game winning streak against Lakers

The winner of the ‘Los Angeles (LA) Derby’ was the Clippers again this time.

The LA Clippers defeated the LA Lakers 125-118 in an NBA home game on the 6th. With the victory on this day, the Clippers ran 11 consecutive wins against the Lakers, setting a tie record for the most consecutive wins by a team in the ‘LA Derby’. The Clippers have never lost to the Lakers since the 2020-2021 season.

The game on this day was the Clippers’ home game, but the Crypto.com Arena, the venue for the game, is also the Lakers’ home field. It is the same form as professional baseball Doosan and LG share Jamsil Stadium in Seoul as a home room. The locker rooms for both teams are located 21 meters apart along a hallway with concrete floors. That’s why the two teams face off is sometimes called the ‘Hallway Series’.

And the ‘real owner’ of this stadium was close to the Lakers. The Lakers won a total of six times while using this stadium as their home, including winning three consecutive championships from the 1999-2000 season when the stadium first opened under the name of ‘Staples Center’. On the other hand, the Clippers are a team that has never reached the top in team history. The hallway series record is also 104-65, with the Lakers still ahead. The Lakers also had a 16-game winning streak over the Clippers.

However, in terms of current performance alone, the Clippers are closer to the throne than the Lakers. With the victory, the Clippers moved up to 5th place in the Western Conference. On the other hand, the Lakers kept their 7th place in the same conference. The 6th place in the conference goes directly to the playoffs (PO), but the 7th to 10th place must go through a play-in tournament to get a ticket to the PO.

“I don’t like play-in tournaments카지노사이트,” said coach Turan Lu (46), who debuted in the NBA with the Lakers but is currently in charge of the Clippers. Coach Lu also experienced a championship with LeBron James (39), currently a member of the Lakers, as Cleveland’s coach in the 2015-2016 season. James scored 33 points, the most of both teams, on the day, but his team lost.

Norman Powell (30), who scored 27 points, the most on the team this month, expressed his confidence, saying, “As trust among colleagues grows, the identity of the Clippers team is solidifying.”

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