Men who threatened and sexually assaulted middle school girls who were victims of school violence

Two men who threatened and sexually assaulted a middle school girl who was suffering from school violence were sentenced to prison.

According to the legal community on the 10th, the Uijeongbu District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 13 (Chief Judge Park Joo-young) sentenced A메이저놀이터, a man in his 20s, to 3 years and 6 months in prison for violating the Act on the Punishment of Sexual Violence Crimes (special rape). In addition, it was ordered to complete a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program and to be restricted from employment in institutions related to children, adolescents and the disabled for 5 years.

The court sentenced teenager B, who was handed over to trial for being an accomplice of Mr. A, to a long term of three years and a short term of two years in prison. It is also ordered to complete a 40-hour sexual assault treatment program.

In June 2021, Mr. A and Mr. B were accused of sexually assaulting a teenager C at an accommodation in the northern part of Gyeonggi Province.

It was investigated that Ms. C had been subjected to school violence, such as being assaulted by her classmate Ms. D or forced to smoke and run errands. Right before the incident, Miss D urged Miss C to come to the motel for a drink, and Mr. A, who was in his teens at the time of the incident, was there.

At that time, Mr. A suggested sex with Miss C and threatened to the effect of “I will spread rumors about meeting conditions. If you can handle it, leave.” Mr. A’s claim regarding Ms. C’s conditional meeting was not true. Afterwards, Mr. A and others induced answers as if they were sex with which Ms. C agreed, and showed a sense of humor in blocking the report by tricking them into saying that they had recorded these remarks.

Even after the case went to the police, the victim’s anxiety continued. Victim C stated that she was passive in response to the request for attendance by the investigative agency or that she wanted to cancel the report. During the trial, Miss C explained, “I was scared because I was pressured by Miss D to say, ‘Let’s see.'” On the other hand, the accused, including Mr. A, are said to have denied the charges during the trial.

In response, the judge said, “The defendants raped the victim jointly, and considering the method of the crime, the crime is very bad and there is a high possibility of condemnation.” “Nevertheless, the defendants deny the crime. The sentence is determined by comprehensively considering the sentencing factors.”

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