“Mr. Lee Dong-gwan” VS “To the State Councilor”… Go Min-jeong and Lee Dong-kwan’s war of words

Lee Dong-gwan, chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, and Minjoo Party of Korea lawmaker Ko Min-jung had a harsh war of words over the ‘fake news controversy’ at the National Assembly. Rep. Goh constantly called Chairman Lee “Mr. Lee Dong-gwan,” and Chairman Lee expressed his displeasure by asking, “What do you mean by ‘Mr. Lee Dong-gwan’ to a member of the National Assembly?”

The war of words between Chairman Lee and Rep. Go broke out at the general meeting of the National Assembly Science, Technology, Information, Broadcasting and Communications Committee on the 4th, when Chairman Lee expressed his will to combat fake news in relation to the ‘suspicion of a false interview in Daejang-dong’ by Shin Shin-rim, former chairman of the media union. On this day, Chairman Lee visited the National Assembly for the first time since his appointment.

When Jang Je-won, chairman of the People Power Party’s National Security Committee, mentioned Newstapa, which aired the interview right before the presidential election, and pointed out, “We need to think about shutting down media outlets that intentionally plan fake news and create scenarios,” Chairman Lee responded, “That’s it.” “This is the final stage of ‘one strike out’ (as mentioned by the Korea Communications Commission),” he responded positively. Chairman Lee said, “In fact, even when I was a political reporter, I saw this every election time,” and “ The presidential election was overturned with black propaganda like the folding screen (of then Grand National Party candidate Lee Hoi-chang in the 2002 presidential election), BBK

and Daejang-dong manipulation in the 2007 presidential election, etc. “The attempt to do so is not simply a media problem, but a political culture that must be eradicated,” he said.

In response, Rep. Go cried out, saying, “I couldn’t be recognized as the chairman of the Korea Communications Commission, so I didn’t hear the answer and left without listening to the report. But seeing the answer you gave me earlier, I can’t do that.” He said, “ Is the BBK stock price manipulation incident fake news? (Former President Lee Myung-bak) was sentenced to 15 years in prison in the first trial, and President Yoon Seok-yeol was the chief prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office at the time. “He was sentenced to 17 years in prison by the Supreme Court. Is this fake news?”

He continued, “Is fake news a serious crime and disorderly conduct of the national flag? Then, didn’t President Yoon say during the election that ‘my mother-in-law has never received a penny?’ The Korea Communications Commission should also investigate all media outlets that reported without fact checking at the time. “I will see it at the government audit,” he said. He then argued, “If fake news is a serious crime and a violation of the national flag, then President Yoon, who lied freely during the election, is a serious criminal and an actor who violated the national flag.”

Instead of Chairman Lee, Rep. Go continued to question the Secretary General of the Korea Communications Commission, Cho Seong-eun. Regarding President Yoon’s dismissal of Jeong Yeon-joo, chairman of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (CCSC), the question was asked, “What is the basis for the poor and biased review (that led to the dismissal)?” When Jang Je-won, chairman of the National Defense Commission, gave Chairman Lee a chance to respond, Rep. Ko sharpened his teeth, saying, “I will not hear an answer (from Chairman Lee).”

However, Chairman Lee responded directly, saying, “Because안전놀이터 it will be recorded in history.” He said, “It is the president’s authority to say that he cannot serve as chairman of the defense committee because he has a significant problem performing his duties,” and added, “Isn’t (former chairman Jeong) dissatisfied, so he is applying for a provisional injunction? “There is a trial, so we just have to fight legally,” he said. He then refuted, “It is wrong to talk as if everything that is going on is illegal and illegal.”

Chairman Lee also said, “I’m speaking as a member of the State Council, but what about Lee Dong-gwan?” He added, “Aren’t you asking a question to an individual Lee Dong-gwan? “Aren’t you asking a question to Korea Communications Commission Chairman Lee Dong-gwan?” he pointed out Rep. Go’s use of his title.

Chairman Lee then said to Assemblyman Ko, who was leaving, “At least this is a place where the financial statements of over-defense are reviewed. “I think you should definitely correct it later,” he pointed out. Then Democratic Party lawmaker Cho Seung-rae said, “The Chairman of the Korea Communications Commission is not a member of the State Council. He refuted, “He only attends,” and Chairman Lee said, “I attend cabinet meetings. “He just doesn’t make decisions, he’s an official member,” he responded.

Chairman Lee said, “I request a correction (about the title of Mr. Lee Dong-kwan). He protested again, saying, “If you ask Lee Dong-kwan, an individual (not a member of the State Council), I am in fact not obligated to answer.”

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