‘National team captain’ Danbi Kim, “Young youngest line of the national team, no worries!”

The Korean women’s basketball team, which is preparing for the Asian Cup in Sydney, Australia, has a much younger composition than in previous years. Veteran Lee Kyung-eun (Shinhan Bank) joined, but Lee So-hee (BNK) and Lee Hae-ran (Samsung Life Insurance) were named to the national team, bringing the number of players born after 2000 to three.토토사이트

A younger player composition can cause a lack of stability and problems with experience and prestige. Over the past decade, Korean women’s basketball has played a bigger role in the leadership of veterans than a generational shift, so there may be concerns about the composition of players in this tournament, which has the right to challenge for the Olympic finals. However, Kim Dan-bi (Woori Bank), the captain of the national team, dismissed the issue.

Kim Dan-bi laughed, saying, “The captain of the national team is a position that must be taken with greater responsibility. But right now, there is nothing more to do. To be honest, there is nothing to do other than ‘attention’ and ‘salute’ when greeting before and after exercise.”

Rather, he said, “Rather than leading my younger brothers, my younger brothers are taking care of me,” and he showed his faith in young players.

He said, “Sometimes, like an algorithm, videos of me competing in the first year of the national team are uploaded on YouTube that I don’t know. Looking at them, it seems that I did it without fear. In fact, as I accumulate a certain amount of years, my opponent adapts to me and comes out prepared, but when I was young, there was no such check. There are very few. That’s why I was able to do it without fear. The young players of our national team now can show that kind of image enough,” he emphasized.

Kim Dan-bi added, “Rather, it may be more difficult for the opponent to respond even if young players boldly enter the game. Personally, I think it is very effective for young players who are not exposed to the opponent to play in the game.”

Then, is there a young player you are most looking forward to? Danbi Kim conveyed the same expectations to all the youngest members of the national team.

He said, “The youngest is (Lee) Haeran, and above him (Lee) Sohee and (Park) Jihyun, all three players can play their roles. Honestly, I think that even if the three of us play together, we will be able to fully demonstrate our capabilities. Jihyun has strengths in international competitions, and Sohee and Haeran can be difficult for first-time players.”

He added, “Above that is (Park) Ji-soo… He is a player who has been exposed a lot in international competitions, but Ji-soo must run. There is no reason. He must run unconditionally.”

At the beginning of the national team’s training, Danbi Kim is focusing on improving her condition rather than training normally with other players. Along with Lee Kyung-eun, who has a chronic injury, manager Jeong Seon-min took care to slowly increase the pace.

Kim Dan-bi said, “Since I was summoned during vacation, I am not feeling well. I am trying to raise my body in a hurry, so my knees and ankles, which were previously injured, are slightly sore. I feel like I’m getting older. Seeing that I’m running really well and energetic, I’m actually receiving help mentally. I’m lifting my body up in line with the Asian Cup schedule.”

In the Asia Cup, where Australia and New Zealand also participate, existing Asian powerhouses must enter the semifinals to qualify for the Paris Olympics. The Asia Cup also serves as an Olympic qualifier.

Kim Dan-bi said, “There is a burden in that respect. One of the things I felt while participating in the Tokyo Olympics was that women’s basketball would be seen more by the public and become more popular if I somehow participated in the Olympics. I think I have to pay,” he said.

Also, “Like a joke, I say to my juniors, ‘We are over. You are the hope’. Jisoo and Jihyun are young, but they have enough national team experience. International competitions have never been easy. Preparing with my younger siblings. I will do my best so that women’s basketball can stand on the Olympic stage again by doing well. If I always play for the national team, more fans pay attention, and I hope that you will cheer and encourage me a lot even if there is something lacking. I will work harder with it,” he promised.

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