NBA Daily Injury Report (January 25th): Durant·Zion’s smooth rehabilitation…When will he return?

ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski said, “Durant’s knee condition is recovering quickly. He will have a recheck in two weeks. Also, starting this week, he will resume training, including running and on-court training.”

Durant was injured in a game against the Miami Heat on January 9th. He never returned to the court after injuring the medial collateral ligament in his right knee during the third quarter.

Since then, Durant has missed six games as of the 25th. Durant’s gap, which is responsible for an average of 29.7 points, was large. Brooklyn went 2-4 in 6 games without Durant. Existing resources, such as Kyrie Irving (30, 188cm), were active, but there was a limit to filling Durant’s void.

At least, Brooklyn has raised the possibility of a reversal of the atmosphere by running a winning streak in the last two games. If Durant joins in this situation, the team atmosphere will be heated again. A specific return date was also raised.

Reporter Shams Karania of 먹튀검증 ‘The Athletic’ said, “Durant is expected to be able to return before the All-Star Game at the end of February. He also wants to play in the All-Star Game, so he hopes to return to the court before the All-Star break.” . For reference, Durant has not played in the All-Star Game for the past three years due to injury.

In addition, the news that the New Orleans Pelicans, whose key players have been on the long-term injured list for a while, is preparing to return one by one. First of all, Zion Williamson (22, 198cm), who has been sidelined for more than three weeks due to a right hamstring injury, recently conducted a reexamination of the injured part, and fortunately, it is known that the injured hamstring part is recovering smoothly. Williamson will be re-examined in two weeks.

Brandon Ingram (25, 203cm), who was out of action for over two months due to a big toe injury and had no news about his return schedule even after passing a year, is finally getting news that his return to the court is imminent. According to coach Willie Green, Ingram recently started training in 5-on-5 and his rehab is also nearing its end. In fact, despite the injury report provided by the NBA, Ingram is expected to be able to play within this week at the earliest, such as being upgraded from ‘Out’ to ‘Doubtful’. [Injury update as of 7:00 a.m. on January 25, Korean time]

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