Net assets of 4 billion → Leaving a large company… “Start investing by collecting 1 million won per month”

“I think young people work harder and do better than older generations. (Omitted) In terms of financial technology, what the younger generation has is time. It is a really important factor in investment. After holding assets for a long time, I hope to achieve economic freedom in my 40s.” After working for a famous conglomerate for 12 years, YouTuber Realim, who succeeded in fire (Financial Independence, Retire Early, Early Retirement) through real estate investment , recently

revealed this in an interview with ‘Single Fire’ held at the headquarters of Money Today in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Realim currently owns about 20 real estate assets메이저놀이터, including apartments, land, villas, and officetels. When asked several times, he said, “It’s not an asset to be proud of, and there are people who think badly of it, so I try not to talk about it if possible.” He said, “There are real estates that receive monthly rent income, and there are places where (investment money) went in. Fixed monthly income is about 3 million won.” see,” he said.

Realim said, “Working life was a very precious time for me and an important means of expressing myself,” but “I hated the commute life that rolled like a treadmill and the situation where freedom was not given. I wanted to get out of the company and do my own work. I was constantly thinking about it,” he said.

The know-how of securing seed money (seed money) was also revealed. Realim said, “When I was in graduate school, I started receiving a small salary for research purposes. I was able to save about 1 million won per month. I started investing, but I had no experience, knowledge, or time. fund,” he said.

He said, “Some of them have more than doubled the rate of return, and I collected my salary as per my salary.” He continued, “I worked a double income again. The amount I can invest has increased a lot since then.”

When asked about the first investment period, Realim explained, “It was in 2014. It was a very good time,” and “In 2015, I applied and won.” Then he said, “I can’t forget that competition rate. It was 2.3 to 1.”

Regarding the real estate portfolio he is investing in, he explained, “It is difficult to tell in detail, but I (have) everything except for these key areas such as Gangnam, Yongsan, Seongdong, and Jamsil.”

When asked about his long-term goal, Realim said, “Becoming rich and happy.”

※ This article was written based on a video uploaded to ‘Single Fire’, a YouTube channel that provides investment information for economic freedom for the 2030 generation. Please refer to the video for more specific know-how explained by Realim. The second video will be released on the 18th. If you come to ‘Single Fire’, you can see more videos.

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