New media “Preparing to recruit Kim Min-jae from B.Munich”… Preparing for the transfer of Luca and Pavard

The possibility of Kim Min-jae (Napoli) going to Bayern Munich is being raised.

A number of German media outlets, including the German edition of Sky Sports and SupoX, reported on the 15th (Korean time) that Bayern Munich is preparing to recruit Kim Min-jae. It is the intention that Bayern, which needs resources to replace Luca Hernandez and Ben Ambition Pavar, who are likely to leave the team, is eyeing Kim Min-jae.

In fact, Sky Sports reported Bayern’s interest in Kim Min-jae with the headline, “Bayern are interested in a top-notch Serie A defender as the successor to Hernandez.” However, he added, “There has been no direct conversation with players or agents yet,” adding, “Bayern have a great interest in Kim Min-jae, and internal discussions regarding the recruitment have already begun.”

Another online soccer professional German media, SupoX, also raised the possibility of signing Kim Min-jae from Bayern. The media said, “Bayern showed interest in Kim Min-jae a few weeks ago,” and said, “As there is a possibility of the transfer of Hernandez and Pavar, Bayern must strengthen its defense.”

The media also reported that there was no specific contact between Bayern and the player yet. However, he said, “There must have already been contact between Bayern and agent Kim Min-jae,” suggesting that sooner or later the conversation about the transfer will be able to come and go in earnest.

According to the media,먹튀검증 Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount is 50 million euros (approximately 69.2 billion won). If there is a club that offers the amount, Kim Min-jae can leave the team even if Napoli objects. Hernandez is currently being raised about the possibility of a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Hernandez’s transfer fee, which is contracted until 2024, is being discussed at 50 million euros. Therefore, as Bayern, the scale of the transfer fee to be paid to Kim Min-jae is by no means burdensome.

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