NH Nonghyup Card ‘super strong’… Cho Jae-ho Mamincalm Kim Hyun-woo 3 players in the quarterfinals of the PBA Tour

PBA Team League NH Nonghyup Card colleagues Jaeho Cho, Maminkam, and Hyunwoo Kim won side by side and advanced to the quarterfinals. In addition, Montes, who calmed the ‘Kim Wook blast’, Palazon, Oh Tae-joon, Baek Chan-hyun, and the eldest son-guk also passed the round of 16.

The round of 16 of the ‘High1 Resort PBA Championship 2022’ held at High1 Resort in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do on the 14th ended. In addition, the matchup for the quarterfinals was confirmed with Montes-Oh Tae-Jun, Palazon-Kim Hyun-Woo, Mamin Calm-Jang Nam-Gook, and Jo Jae-Ho-Baek Chan-Hyun.

In the round of 16 that day, NH Nonghyup Card players in particular showed a ‘super strength’ with three players advancing to the quarterfinals.

First, NH Nonghyup Card ‘Chief’ Jo Jae-ho won a come-from-behind victory over Kim Won-seop with a set score of 3:1 (12:15, 15:14, 15:6, 15:2).

Cho Jae-ho got off to an uneasy start, losing 12:15 (10 innings) to Kim Won-seop, who had a high run of 8 points in the first set. Cho Jae-ho seemed to be on the defensive as he was dragged by 3:11 in the second set, but later, thanks to a high run of 6 points, came from behind to win 15:14 (9 innings) and tied the set score 1:1.

Driven by momentum, Jo Jae-ho won 15:6 in 5 innings with a high run of 8 points in the 3rd set, followed by a 15:2 (10 innings) victory in the 4th set, advancing to the quarterfinals.

Quarterfinal Match Montes-Oh Tae-jun,Palazon-Kim Hyun-woo Mamin Calm-Jang Nam-guk, Jo Jae-ho-Baek Chan-hyun

Maminkam, the second runner of NH Nonghyup Card, defeated ‘strong enemy’ David Zapata (Blue One Angels) 3:1 (13:15, 15:4, 15:4, 15:5). Maminkam gave the first set first, but in the second set, he scored a high run of 9 points and won 15:4 in 4 innings, making a 1:1 tie. Maminkam then won the 3rd and 4th sets and passed the round of 16. Maminkam’s average was 2.636.

Kim Hyun-woo also won with a set score of 3:2 (15:11, 15:13, 9:15, 7:15, 11:7) after a close match with Chan Chapak (Blue One Angels). 토토사이트

Kim Hyun-woo finished the game with 2 points in 6 innings and 2 points in 7 innings at 7:7 in the 5th set with a set score of 2:2.

In addition, Antonio Montes (Spain) was dragged by Kim Wook with a set score of 0:2, but came from behind to win 3:2 (10:15, 7:15, 15:9, 15:12, 11:8), after joining the professional stage this season He reached the quarterfinals for the first time in five tours.

Javier Palazon defeated David Martinez (Crown Haitai Raon), the winner of the previous tournament, 3:0, and Oh Tae-Jun, Baek Chan-Hyeon, and the eldest son-Guk also advanced to the round of 16.

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