Obtained a patent for horse DNA analysis technology for light-emitting gene research

The Korean Horse Association announced on the 5th that it obtained a patent for horse DNA (gene) analysis technology, and it led to the achievement of imprinting once again internally and externally that it is a leading institution in the domestic horse industry.

The 토토 Korean Horse Association, which manages the registration of racehorses and riding horses based on pedigree, performs genetic testing on more than 1,500 horses every year, and also conducts research and technology development.

This achievement is an extension of the development of its own reagent (composite marker), which began in 2017 to prepare for the supply and demand of reagents for genetic testing, which had been dependent on imports.

Considering the possibility of domestic and international use, a domestic patent application was filed in January 2021, and a US patent application was filed in July. Overseas patents are currently under review.

This technology is superior to existing foreign reagents in terms of time and cost savings, as it enables simultaneous analysis of a total of 40 gene sites with two tests on horse hair roots.

An official from the Korean Horse Association said, “We expect that it will be highly utilized in domestic and overseas horse gene analysis.” I will,” he said.