Oh Jae-seong, the ‘highest Libero’, signed a FA contract with Woori Card… Hwang Seung-bin remains

Free agent (FA) setter Hwang Seung-bin and libero Oh Jae-seong chose to accompany Woori Card.

On the 19th, Woori Card announced that Oh Jae-seong signed a total of 452 million won in compensation (400 million won in salary + 52 million won in options).

This is the highest amount ever for a libero, exceeding the 450 million won Jung Min-soo received last season when he signed with KB Insurance.

Hwang Seung-bin took a stamp for a total of 502 million won in remuneration (annual salary of 450 million won + option of 52 million won).

Woori Card, which lost franchise star Na Gyeong-bok to KB Insurance in the free agency market, prevented additional losses by capturing the main setter, libero.

Oh Jae-seong, who joined Woori Card in a trade right before the opening of last season, took first place in defense (4.561 per set) with his unsparing play.

Based on this performance, he was selected as the second best 7 libero in his personal career following the 2020-21 season.

Hwang Seung-bin, who played an active role as Woori Card’s captain last season, participated in all 36 games the team played, showing skillful management and rising to second place in the set (10.286 per set).메이저사이트

It was considered an attractive card for teams that need reinforcement of setters, but Hwang Seung-bin decided to look higher with Woori Card.

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