Payment of remaining subscription fee → Participation in PO… “Not shaken” Unshakable Carrot 

The players are not very shaken.”

On April 2, the ‘Festival of Spring’ kicks off with the first round of the playoffs between Goyang Carrot and Ulsan Hyundai Mobis.

5th place Carrot and 4th place Hyundai Mobis, 3rd place Seoul SK and 6th place Jeonju KCC will face each other in the playoffs in the round of 6. In the semifinal playoffs, the winner of the Carrot-Hyundai Mobis match will meet Anyang KGC, the winner of the regular league, and the winner of the SK-KCC match will face runner-up Changwon LG.

Even if Carrot finished 5th in the regular season, he almost didn’t make it to the playoffs. Carrot, who suffered from financial difficulties throughout the season, could not pay the second subscription fee until the 29th. The federation has already announced that it will not allow Carrot to participate in the playoffs if he fails to pay the unpaid subscription fee by the 31st.

After twists and turns, Carrot completes the payment with one day left before the deadline, and participates in the playoffs normally. On the 31st, Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi calmly said at the Pro Basketball Playoff Media Day, “The season is not over and is ongoing. The players are not very upset. We will prepare well for the game and show a good game.”

Lee Jung-hyun, who participated as a Carrot representative on this day, said, “I want to stay for a long time as I struggled to advance to the playoffs.”

Coach Kim also predicted the direction of the playoffs in the sixth round against Hyundai Mobis. Manager Kim predicted,온라인카지노 “Now (former) Seong-Hyun can’t play. If Seong-Hyeon was there, I was going to talk about Game 3, but without Seong-Hyeon, I think I’ll go to Game 5.”

Ace Jeon Seong-hyeon suffered sudden hearing loss at the end of the regular season when his cochlea was damaged. The 1st and 2nd games are likely to be missed, and we have to watch the future situation.

Coach Kim showed a strong side against Hyundai Mobis from the time he was in charge of KGC in the past. Especially in short matches, it was even more overwhelming. When asked about the secret, coach Kim said, “In the past, I was a little ahead in terms of player composition. But it’s not like that now. I think my experience is better than Hyundai Mobis’ power, but I want to win with a fun game again.”

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