Police “Insufficient evidence of Ki Sung-yong’s sexual assault… Suspicion suspect is also innocent”

Regarding the allegation that Ki Sung-yong, a member of FC Seoul메이저놀이터, a professional soccer player, sexually assaulted a junior in elementary school, the police concluded that there was not enough evidence.

On the 10th, Seocho Police Station in Seoul decided not to send two people, including Mr. A, with no charges, saying that there was insufficient evidence in connection with the case in which Ki Sung-yong sued those who raised suspicions of sexual violence for defamation with false facts.

In response, Mr. A’s lawyer argued that the decision to acquit him was in fact telling him that the act of sexual violence was not false.

However, a police official explained that they did not determine who said the truth or not, and that they could not confirm whether there was sexual violence because there was insufficient evidence.

In February 2021, Mr. A and others claimed that they were sexually assaulted by senior player B in 2000 when they were living in a soccer club at an elementary school in Jeonnam.

Although they did not mention Ki Sung-yong’s name, we were able to infer that player B was Ki Sung-yong.

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