‘PSG transfer rumor’ Lee Kang-in, how much will he show in front of Klinsman?

Lee Kang-in wearing the Taegeuk mark is on the rise. It is a situation full of expectations because it showed ‘great form’ in Europe last season.

On the 15th, the training of the Korean men’s national team was held at the Busan Asiad Main Stadium located in Busan. A friendly match between Korea and Peru will be held at the same place on the 16th at 8pm. Korea’s FIFA ranking is 27th, and Peru is 21st.

The day before the game against Peru, Lee Kang-in adjusted his condition with his teammates. In training, he warmed up with a bright expression and allowed himself to show a good performance against Peru. Korean coach Jurgen Klinsmann watched Lee Kang-in meticulously during training.

Lee Kang-in played a big role in La Liga in Spain in 2022-2023. Despite belonging to RCD Mallorca (hereafter referred to as Mallorca), which is relatively weak in the league, he played 36 games and scored 6 goals and 7 assists. Stats are also stats, but the skills reflected on the field were amazing. Lee Kang-in showed excellent keeping whenever he caught the ball, and when he ventured into dribbling, he would openly pass a few players aside. Needless to say, he was excellent at the level of passing, which was originally excellent, and showed an improvement in his decision-making power. This is the decisive reason why Mallorca can no longer block Lee Kang-in’s transfer. Mallorca has become too cramped to contain Lee Kang-in.

Recently, rumors of a transfer to Paris Saint-Germain (hereinafter referred to as PSG), the most prestigious club in France, have been leaked. Many foreign media outlets in Europe are discussing Kang-in Lee’s transfer to PSG, and the stories seem convincing to some extent. Some media have revealed specific transfer fees and even annual salaries. Regardless of whether the transfer was successful or not, the fact that he is involved with PSG means that Lee Kang-in’s status has soared incomparably with the past. 

Because of this, attention is focused on the play Lee Kang-in will show in the game against Peru. Lee Kang-in’s value can rise even more if he reproduces his active role as a conductor and assault soldier in Mallorca with the Taegeuk mark. Furthermore, in the game against Peru, there is a high probability that Son Heung-min, who is recovering from a sports hernia, will have a relatively reduced playing time, so it is highly likely that Lee Kang-in’s performance, which has the qualities to become another ace, will attract more attention than usual.메이저놀이터

It is noteworthy how much level Lee Kang-in, who grew up as a player who was entangled with Paris Saint-Germain, will be able to show his level in the game against Peru. If he catches the eye of coach Klinsman, Lee Kang-in’s influence within the national team is highly likely to grow.

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