Rice’s uniform ‘collection’… This time, I got the autograph from Odegor himself.

Uniform collector Declan Rice (West Ham) personally signed Odegaard’s (Arsenal) uniform.

Rice has a hobby of collecting signed jerseys. He collects the jerseys of players such as Mason Mount (Chelsea), Harry Kane, Son Heung-min (above Tottenham), and Jack Grealish (Manchester City). A corner of Rice’s house is already full of picture frames containing uniforms.

This time, I received Odegor’s uniform. West Ham and Arsenal drew 2-2 in the 31st round of the English Premier League (EPL) held at London Stadium, England on the 16th (Korean time). Arsenal took the lead with consecutive goals from Jeju and Odegaard, but West Ham also shared the victory with consecutive goals from Benrama and Bowen.

After the game, Rice visited Oedegor himself.먹튀검증 He was carrying Oedegor’s Arsenal uniform. When receiving the autograph, Rice personally held the uniform. Arsenal fans turned the happy circuit. According to ‘Mirror’, they are expected to move to a team that can participate in the UEFA Champions League this summer. Because of this, it is like predicting in advance that Rice can leave West Ham and transfer to Arsenal.

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