‘Seohyeon Station stabbing’ Choi Won-jong, letter to the media… “The detention center is already painful, I feel like I’m being tortured.”

Choi Won-jong (22), who left two dead and 12먹튀검증 injured in the ‘Seohyeon Station knife attack’ incident, sent a handwritten letter to the media, expressing his apology to the victims. The letter also contained content expressing pessimism about the current situation and expressing suffering.

According to the Chosun Ilbo on the 9th, Choi Won-jong, who was imprisoned at the Dongbu Detention Center, sent a handwritten letter on the 1st with the title ‘Apology to all who have been harmed.’

Through his letter, Wonjong Choi conveyed his upbringing, his motive for the crime, and his intention to apologize. The letter said, “I developed social phobia to the point where social life was impossible, so I dropped out of high school before a month had passed,” and “I was unable to properly adapt to society, so I developed hatred and repulsion toward society itself. “He vented his anger by writing articles cursing society or wanting to harm people.”

Wonjong Choi claimed that he suffered from paranoia ever since he left his parents and lived alone. He said, “A few months ago, gang stalking began targeting me everywhere, including local residents, where I live and work, stores, internet communities, and games, and serious harassment began.” He added, “I became the most stalker because I thought I could be killed at any time.” “I thought about killing the people at Seohyun AK Plaza who witnessed it, ” he said.

He continued, “I knew that it wasn’t just the stalker. It also contained gibberish, such as “I will not suspect the victims of being stalkers and will consider them all innocent victims,” and “The victims may or may not have been stalkers.”

Wonjong Choi said, “I have heard that crimes using weapons have increased due to my crime. “I hope that people who read my reflection and think about committing a crime using a weapon will think twice and not commit a crime,” he said. He also said, “I want to do it.”

“Even though I was only in the detention center for a month, it was difficult and painful,” he wrote. “When I think about having to live like this for decades more, I feel like my spirit is breaking down and I feel like I am being tortured.”

There is also an analysis that Choi Won-jong appears to be claiming that he is mentally and physically weak, as he actually wrote a lot in the letter about the fact that he has suffered from social phobia since childhood.

Regarding the authenticity of the letter, a Ministry of Justice official reportedly said, “It is believed to have been sent by Choi Won-jong.”

Previously, at around 5:56 p.m. on the 3rd of last month, Won-jong Choi drove his car towards pedestrians in front of the AK Plaza Department Store in Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, which is connected to Seohyeon Station on the Suin Bundang Line, then got out of the car with a weapon and brandished it at citizens. As a result, two innocent citizens died and 12 were injured.

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