Seongnam midfielders heavily reinforced… Recruited Moon Chang-jin, Park Sang-hyuk, and Lee Sang-min

Professional soccer K-League 2 Seongnam FC has reinforced its midfield lineup in preparation for the new season. Park Sang-hyuk (24) 안전놀이터 was hired on loan from Suwon Samsung (K1), and Moon Chang-jin (29) and Lee Sang-min (23) were brought in as free agents (FA).

Moon Chang-jin made his professional debut at Pohang Steelers (K1) in 2012 and has been active for four years, and since then has continued his career through various teams. He is a left-footed midfielder who creates sensible plays based on his dribbling and foot talent. He is also a veteran who scored 21 goals in 154 appearances in his K-League career.

Moon Chang-jin said, “Seeing that there are more players younger than me on the team, I can feel that I have become a senior. I will shake off my sluggish past and stand in front of the fans with a more responsible image. I hope you will support and watch over me.”

Park Sang-hyeok is from Suwon Samsung youth and made his professional debut in 2019. Breakthrough and bold shooting based on his speed are his strengths, and he is good at creating organized and organic plays with quick situational judgment. He has scored 4 goals in 53 matches in his K-League career.

Park Sang-hyeok said, “I came up with a lot of personal goals, but I think it’s more important to share the direction the team wants to go. I want to give my strength as a new member. I will try to prepare well for the winter season and spend a wonderful year with my fans. “He expressed his ambition.

Lee Sang-min was a youth from Ulsan Hyundai (K1) and was loaned to Chungnam Asan (K2) at the same time as joining in 2020, and transferred completely the following year. As a multi-player who plays both midfielder and defender positions, he has strengths in air power based on his tall height, and also possesses accurate passes and sharp kicks. He scored 2 goals in 63 appearances in his K-League career.

Lee Sang-min said, “I am really grateful and feel a lot of responsibility because I feel like I’ve come to the best team in my career. I think the priority is to blend well into the team’s color, and I want to prepare well and play a lot during the winter season. I will do my best to promote again.” He expressed his strong determination.