“September 4 love vacation or sick leave”… In the end in an explosion of anger

As a series of cases in which a teacher made an extreme choice at an elementary school in Seoul and a teacher at another school were assaulted by a student occurred one after another, teachers’ voices demanding measures to establish teacher authority are growing stronger.

General teachers who did not join a labor union or participate in group activities also joined in the commemoration, saying, “It is not like other people’s work,” and even suggested taking a day off in September.

According to the education world on the 22nd, after it was known on the 18th that 2nd year teacher A made an extreme choice in school, various teacher communities are conducting online and offline campaigns to find out the truth and demand improvement of the온라인카지노environment to prevent infringement of teaching rights.

The day before, two trucks with electric boards installed in front of the main gate of the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education entered, and phrases such as “Education is dead,” “Can students be happy in a school where teachers are dying?”

It was found that the truck protest was funded by a teacher from the elementary school teacher community.

In front of the main gate of the Office of Education, post-it notes with writings such as “We will cooperate so that there will be no more tragedy” and “I am sorry that I could not protect you as a senior” were tightly attached.

Teachers also posted opinions on the community to wear resident hairpins in their hair after the second semester starts.

There were also many teachers who changed their KakaoTalk profile picture to a black ribbon picture to express their remembrance.

With the meaning of ’49 Ashes’, there is also talk that teachers should take a day off sick at each school to stage a strike-like demonstration.

A large-scale protest by teachers in front of the Bosingak Bell in Jongno-gu, Seoul is expected at 2 p.m.

Amid growing public dissatisfaction in the teaching profession, membership in teacher organizations has also increased since the death of a teacher. Since the 18th, the Korean Federation of Teachers’ Organizations has also received hundreds of phone calls, and the teachers’ union is said to have increased by 10,000 members.

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