Shin Jin-seo wins 4 consecutive wins against China’s No. 1 Ke Jie

 In the Korea-China top-ranking match, Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, defeated Ke Jie, 9th Dan. Byeon Sang-il, 9th dan, beat Li Wei-qing, 9th dan, and Shin Min-jun, 9th dan, was defeated by Tang Weixing, 9th dan.

On the 19th, 3 Korean players competed in the quarterfinals of the 14th Chunran Cup World Professional Go Championship, which was played online with Chinese players at Pinghu Stadium in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, at the Korea Kiwon in Seoul on the 19th, and 2 players won.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th dan, received a protest letter from Ke Jie, 9th dan. It was a dissatisfied flow until the beginning of the middle, but after that, the steps shown in the central battle where a full-scale physical fight took place were perfect. On the other hand, Ke Jie 9th dan placed handshakes at the end of the long go.

5 hours and 17 minutes, 181 counts of non-inheritance. The opponent’s record has narrowed one step further to 9 wins and 11 losses. After November 2021, they are on a four-game winning streak. In domestic rankings, Shin Jin-seo and Ker-je have been holding the top spot for 36 months in a row and 49 months in a row.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, the former winner, contributed to her second consecutive victory in the Chunran Cup. Personally, I have not yet won two consecutive world championships. Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, who won the 4th and 5th consecutive championships in the Chunran Cup, is the only one so far.

Byeon Sang-il, 9-dan, who ranked second in the rankings, advanced to the first semifinals by surpassing the quarterfinals for the second consecutive time. Although his win rate, which had a huge advantage, fell to 1%, he showed a fighting spirit of overturning (288 moves by half). The first win after 4 losses to the formidable enemy Li Wei-qing, 9th Dan. The semifinals are the same as your best performance in a major tournament. Li Weiqing’s Chinese ranking is 10th 토토사이트

Shin Min-joon, 9th Dan, withdrew after the first quarterfinals of the Chunran Cup. He was hit by the tricky Tang Weixing 9th dan and lost (220 moves undefeated). After 3 losses, the opponent who made up for a game in the 2020 Samsung Fire & Marine Plantation Round of 32 was 1 win and 4 losses. In their country’s ranking, Shin Min-jun is 5th and Tang Weixing is 27th.

In the quarterfinals, which was played in a mid-to-mid match, Chinese ranking 2nd place Li Xuanhao, 9p, defeated Yang Dingxin, 5th place, 9p. With the contents of a complete victory that led from beginning to end, it ended with a non-succession in 176 moves.

The match for the semi-finals, which was again determined by lottery, was Shin Jin-seo-Li Xuan-hao (1:0), Byeon Sang-il-Tang Weixing (3:3, opponents in parentheses). Shin Jin-seo, 9P, won one win against Li Xuan-Hao, 9P in 2014, and Byeon Sang-Il, 9P, is on a three-game winning streak after three consecutive losses against Tang Weixing, 9P. The semi-finals will continue with a single match on the 21st.

The prize money for the Chunran Cup, a biennial tournament hosted by China, is 150,000 dollars (approximately 200 million won). So far, the Korean driver has won 7 times, the Chinese driver has won 5 times, and the Japanese driver has won once.