Shin Won-sik also denies the ‘democratization system’?… “Brisk progress toward people’s democracy since 1987”

Candidate Shin Won-sik, Minister of National Defense, who entered the National Assembly building with a powerful step carrying a backpack, expressed his feelings about being nominated to the Defense Command Tower in front of reporters today (14th).

Reporters poured out questions asking about the position on the controversy over the ‘remarks supporting the coup’ reported in some media yesterday (13th). In response, candidate Shin Won-sik said bluntly, “I think a coup should never happen, cannot happen, and is impossible in the reality of the Republic of Korea.”

He continued, “At that time, the questioner asked, ‘There is such a theory in Japan,’ so I think I cut out the context in explaining that ‘a coup is impossible. ’ “We 100% support the Supreme Court’s final ruling and the government’s official position in this regard,” he emphasized.

He said, “Before I become a public figure, I will be able to freely express various political views, but if I become a member of the National Assembly and even a member of the State Council, I will respect the judgment of our judiciary, not my personal opinion, but the official opinion of the government, and always act in such a respectful manner. “It will be done,” he added.

■ “Treading forward with people’s democracy… 30 years after democratization, we are on the verge of losing everything”

However, although it may not be a ‘coup d’état’, the new candidate has a significant awareness of the problems with the current system, and a change in the system is needed in some way. It seems clear that there was a perception that this was the case.Candidate Shin appeared on a YouTube channel with Pastor Kwang-Hoon Jeon in July 2019 and expressed his dissatisfaction with the current system.

The ’88 system’ is presumed to refer to the ’87 system’ , which refers to the system that established a direct presidential system after the June 1987 democratic uprising .

Next, Candidate Shin raises his voice and calls for the creation of a ‘third system’ following the division system and the 1987 system.

Pastor Jeon Kwang-hoon, who appeared together, said this while calling for the resignation of then-President Moon Jae-in.

“It is not the end with Moon Jae-in’s resignation, but our goal is to reach a third leader, a leader after Syngman Rhee and Park Chung-hee,” he said. “For a leader after Syngman Rhee and Park Chung-hee to emerge, there is the first condition. He must have a military background.” “For this country to survive, people who have served in the military must serve at least the next four years, or four to eight years.”

■ “Best defense expert” vs. “anti-constitutional figure”

Even after the controversy over Candidate Shin’s 메이저놀이터coup remark arose, reactions from the ruling and opposition parties were mixed.

People Power Party Secretary-General Lee Cheol-gyu appeared on KBS radio that day and praised Minister of National Defense candidate Shin Won-sik, saying, “The party recommended him,” and “Candidate Shin is the best defense expert. “

At the same time, he mentioned that the Democratic Party is pursuing the impeachment of the Minister of National Defense and said, “If impeachment (impeachment) is made, the person in charge of the Republic of Korea’s defense will be absent for six months,” and added, “The party should quickly appoint the best defense expert as minister to ensure that there is no vacuum in national defense.” “I made a suggestion,” he explained.

Next, regarding the controversy over Candidate Shin’s ‘coup d’état remarks’, he said, “I can’t tell you (my position) because I haven’t found out anything,” but added, “You can’t judge a person by looking at the hair on his body, right?”

At a National Assembly briefing, floor spokesperson Lee So-young said, “Is it right to nominate a person who made comments that could be described as a political gangster as Minister of National Defense?” and “If the opposition party had said the same thing to the incumbent president, an unimaginable political conflict would have exploded.” criticized.

Rep. Ki Dong-min of the Democratic Party, a member of the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee, also said on social media , “In light of the extreme right-wing rhetoric shown by the candidate in the past, I am concerned that the military’s political neutrality will be fundamentally damaged,” and added, “Candidate Shin’s remarks are a denial of the Constitution. They are anti-constitutional.” He emphasized, “No one should be appointed as Minister of National Defense.”

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