‘Shinlim weapon riot’, 30s, cell phone reset the day before the crime, PC damage

A 33-year-old man suspected of stabbing passers-by with a weapon in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, killing one and seriously injuring three others, reset his cell phone the day before the crime and intentionally damaged his PC . The police are conducting an investigation with weight on the possibility of Mr. Cho’s ‘planned crime’.

According to the police on the 25th, as a result of forensic analysis of Mr. Cho’s cell phone, Mr. Cho reset his cell phone around 5:00 pm on the 20th, the day before the crime. Accordingly, no searches, calls, messages, or photo records related to the case were found on Cho’s mobile phone.

A police official said, “Mr. Cho stated that he initialized the search record, such as the murder method, because he was afraid that it would be discovered.” The Gwanak Police Station also found out that Mr. Cho broke the computer ( PC

) he usually used with a hammer. A hammer was also found in his house. Currently, the National Police Agency is conducting forensics on Mr. Cho’s PC . In addition, it was found that Mr. Cho stole two weapons from the mart right before the crime on the 21st. The police put weight on the possibility that Mr. Cho’s crime was a ‘planned crime’ when the situation was put together. However, as Mr. Cho’s statement continues to change, it seems necessary to find out additional facts.

Regarding the reason for visiting her grandmother’s house in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul right before the crime, Mr. Cho stated that he usually went 3-4 times a month in the investigation immediately after the crime, but in the second investigation the day after the crime, he reversed his statement that he had gone to see it for the last time before the crime.

The police conducted a psychopath diagnostic test on Mr. Cho at around 1:30 pm on the same day. It usually takes about 10 days for test results to come out.

According to the National Health Insurance Corporation, it was바카라사이트 confirmed that there was no history of mental illness treatment for Mr. Cho in the last five years from 2018.

Mr. Cho, who attacked people with a weapon, stated during the police investigation, “I wanted to make others unhappy because I lived an unhappy life, and I committed the crime in anger.”

On the 26th, the police will decide whether to disclose Mr. Cho’s personal information. In addition, he is scheduled to be sent to the prosecution on the 28th.

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