Shoes snapping, fly bugs… ‘Body aches’ in the shopping district around Tanghulu

On the morning of the 16th, around a Tanghulu franchise store near Hongik University, Mapo-gu, Seoul. Discarded Tanghulu skewers and paper cups were scattered on the street. Sugar syrup was sticky inside the paper cup, and ants and other insects were attracted to it. There were also several skewers that had been eaten in a large potted plant in front of the building opposite the Tanghulu store.

Nearby unmanned stores without a resident manager were in a more serious condition. Even though it is not related to Tanghulu, the inside of the store was full of 스포츠토토Tanghulu skewers. The sweet smell was full of flying flies, and the floor was so sticky that it made a clicking sound whenever you walked.

Tanghulu, a Chinese street snack made by coating fruit skewers with sugar, has recently become very popular, but nearby vendors are complaining about inconvenience and dissatisfaction. This is because the cases of illegally dumping leftover skewers and paper cups on the streets after eating Tanghulu are increasing.

Tanghulu has recently emerged as a popular snack among young people. According to food industry statistics, the number of mentions of Tanghulu on social media such as Facebook increased nearly tenfold from 6,379 in February to 62,726 last month. During the same period, Tanghulu was also the most popular search term for each generation in their teens to 40s. One Tanghulu franchise company increased the number of stores from 50 to 300 in the last five months. There is even a new word called ‘Maratanghulu’ in the sense of eating Malatang and then going to Tanghulu.

Behind this craze, the grievances of merchants around Tanghulu stores have grown. A merchant said that there are many cases where passers-by put several Tanghulu skewers in a neatly tied garbage bag and the garbage bag turns into a hedgehog as they leave.

Mr. A, who works in the confectionery business near the Tanghulu store in Hongdae, said, “Even if the Tanghulu store tries not to harm the surroundings, there are more people than that.” ” he sighed. Mr. B, who runs the restaurant, also said that removing the Tanghulu skewers abandoned in front of the store became a daily routine.

A Tanghulu store in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, posted a notice saying, “Please do not throw away Tanghulu trash in nearby shops or on the street.” The owner of the store said, “As there are many cases of dumping garbage on the street in Tanghulu, the number of complaints from nearby merchants is increasing.” said.

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