Son who died 4 days after birth ‘I didn’t have money for cremation, so I buried it in the mountain’… Investigation of couples in their 20s and 30s

A couple in their 20s and 30s living in Geoje메이저사이트, South Gyeongsang Province, was found to have buried their infant, who died four days after birth, in a nearby hill without reporting the birth or death.

The Gyeongnam Police Agency said on the 30th that it is urgently arresting and investigating A (20s) and wife B (30s) for allegedly burying their 5-day-old son in a plastic bag in a hillside (abandonment of a corpse).

Mr. A and others are suspected of wrapping them in plastic bags and burying them in a nearby hill after C died in a residential area in Geoje on September 9 last year.

Mr. A and his wife have been living together in a common-law relationship since 2021, and on September 5 last year, at an obstetrics and gynecology clinic in Geoje, they gave birth to Group C, and four days later, on September 9 of the same year, it was found that they were discharged with the child.

In a police investigation, Mr. A and his wife stated, “After being discharged from the hospital with the child, I slept at home and woke up to find that the child was dead.” did.

The police are conducting a search operation to find the body of her child at the place where Mr. A stated that she buried the child in the hills.

Mr. A is said to have stated, “I buried the dead child after digging the ground about 10 cm deep with my hands.” The police are concentrating on finding traces of the dead child, believing that there is a possibility that it may have been lost by wild animals in a state where it was not deeply buried.

The police are investigating the exact circumstances of the death according to the statement of Mr. A and his wife, “I planned to send my son for adoption because I could not afford it, but the child died before I could register the birth.”

The fact that the location of County C is unknown is that Mr. B’s resident registration address, Goseong-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do, has not been registered as a birth report in County C, where there is a record of birth in a hospital. I met this couple and confessed to the crime.

The police said they were reviewing the application for an arrest warrant for Mr. A and his wife

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