Stealing the putting secrets of PGA Tour players ①

If you are a golfer, you will know the value of each putt. However, many golfers often encounter that they are not sure which method to practice to putt well. Spending a lot of time on a putting mat will not improve your putting ability.

Tour players improve their putting skills through various drills and scientific analysis. You don’t have to think too hard. If you refer to the putting practice described here, you can steal the know-how of a tour player. 

This drill is a very effective putting stroke practice method that many tour players have tried at least once. The materials to prepare are two alignment sticks and a rubber band. With the ends of the two sticks touching, tie the ends of the sticks with a rubber band and insert the other end into the armpit as shown in the picture.

At first, hold the stick while looking straight ahead with your back straight. Then, bend your back to create a putting address position. At this time, the position of the hands should not be too close to the body, and be careful not to stretch the arms too long. It feels like lightly fixing the stick with both arms, tightening the armpit and softening the grip of the hand.

The key point for this exercise is to feel your arms lightly anchored to your body and make rotation with your torso without rotating your hands. It is good to practice with a putter after practicing enough using only a stick without a putter at first.

Using the putter is also simple. Place the putter in front of the stick and hold the putter with your hand behind the stick. Hold the putter and practice strokes in the same way, and when you get used to it, let go of the ball and stroke it.

When all the muscles and arms of the upper body move in unison, the most ideal golf ball cloud is created. If you do this exercise consistently, you can learn the basic pendulum motion of putting and have stroke consistency.

Among the PGA tour players,먹튀검증 players with a very high short putting success rate have excellent ability to aim at the target. The distance between the ball and the body at address is very important in order to aim at the exact target point. The practice method described here is a practice method for finding the ideal distance between the ball and me so that even amateur golfers can make better short putts.

The position of the golf ball has three effects on the putting stroke. The first is aiming at the target point, the second is the putting stroke arc, and the third is the lie angle of the putter. Among these three, the most influential part is ‘aim at the target point’. An incorrect ball position creates an optical illusion, which prevents the player from aiming correctly.

The commonly known ideal ball position recommends that the eyes be positioned above the vertical line of the golf ball when viewed from the side. However, each person’s eye focus and address posture are different, so the ideal ball position should be slightly different. The practice method for finding that subtle difference is very simple.

First, if you practice outdoors, you need five golf balls and a 2-3m long line. If outdoor practice isn’t your thing, look for straight lines on the floor tiles. The most important thing in this exercise is to line up the five golf balls correctly. Otherwise, incorrect information is entered into us.

As shown in the picture, connect a 2-3m long rubber band to the golf tee to make a straight line and arrange the golf balls. At this time, the distance between the ball (about 30 cm) is such that one adult man’s foot can comfortably enter.

If you lined up the golf balls well, address in front of the first ball. When looking at the golf balls listed after addressing, if the golf balls look curved rather than straight, there is an optical illusion. If the ball and body are too far apart, the golf ball will appear curved to the right. Conversely, if the ball and body are too close, the golf ball will appear curved to the left.

If you feel the curvature, adjust the address distance little by little farther or closer, and the golf balls lined up will appear at a straight line.
If the golf ball starts to look straight, that distance is the right distance for you.

If you have found the distance between the ball and the body that suits you, you must measure the distance between the ball and the toe with a tape measure or measure the distance in your own way and record it.

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