Superconductivity Society Verification Committee “There are no overseas research cases that have proven the performance of LK-99 yet”

The Korean Superconducting and Low Temperature Society메이저놀이터 LK-99 Verification Committee, which is verifying the authenticity of the normal temperature and atmospheric pressure superconductor ‘ LK-99’ claimed to have been developed by domestic researchers such as the Quantum Energy Research Institute, said, “Among foreign research institutes , the superconductivity of LK-99 has been confirmed. There is no place to produce results that can be done,” he said. The verification committee explained that it is currently working on making LK-99 for self-verification , but it will have to wait for more than two weeks to be able to manufacture it due to material supply and demand problems. On the 4th, the verification committee of the Society for Superconductivity and Low Temperature held the first written briefing for the media with these contents. The Verification Committee said, “Recently, several theoretical groups, including the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States, have presented results of discussing the possibility of superconductivity of LK- 99 through simulation. There is a limit to verifying the phenomenon of LK-99 only with simulation results .” Dr. Sineed Griffin of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US recently expressed his opinion through the pre-disclosure site ‘Archive’ that the material structure of LK-99 seems to have potential as a superconductor. The verification committee said that researchers from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in China

In the thesis related to LK-99, he explained, “It seems that magnetic flux fixation, that is, stable magnetic levitation, has not been implemented, and it has been revealed that it has not been able to prove that the electrical resistance is ‘0’.”

The verification committee also said, “In some samples from Southwestern University in China, the electrical resistance approached zero at minus 127, but the diamagnetic properties were not confirmed in those samples as well.” Diamagnetism is a phenomenon that pushes away a magnetic field, and it is one of the characteristics of superconductors along with zero electrical resistance.

In a written briefing that day, the verification committee announced that it would verify the LK-99 in two ways. The verification committee said, “We will reproduce the LK-99

sample on our own according to the method presented (through the thesis from the Quantum Energy Research Institute) and measure whether it has superconducting properties in a normal temperature and pressure environment.” It is necessary to cross-measure.” It is interpreted with the intention of increasing the accuracy and reliability of verification by making samples on its own under the leadership of the verification committee, and also receiving and analyzing samples produced by the Quantum Energy Research Institute. However, the verification committee said, “It seems that more than two weeks will be needed to supply ‘lead sulfate’, which is a material used in the work of reproducing the sample.” It is expected that it will take at least that much more time to self-produce LK-99 according to the ‘recipe’ presented in the thesis by the Quantum Energy Research Institute .

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