‘Survival at risk’ Hurricane Italia passes through Florida at 200 km/h

Hurricane Italia, with strong winds of 210 kilometers per hour, struck Florida, USA, causing heavy rain damage.

President Biden has already approved a state of emergency, and coastal residents have been ordered to evacuate.

This is a report by Washington correspondent Kim Yang-soon.


Strong winds exceeding 200 kilometers per hour, heavy rain poured down, and the streets instantly turned into a sea of ​​water.

Hotels and resorts along the coast were flooded and their entrances disappeared.

The roof had already been torn off by strong winds before the hurricane made landfall.

[Ron DeSantis/Florida Governor: “A life-threatening typhoon is approaching. It will be very difficult to survive if the typhoon remains in its northward path.”] High waves of up to 5 meters and heavy rain hit the Florida coast

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Mandatory evacuation orders have been issued for residents of 30메이저놀이터 counties, including Florida’s largest city, Tampa.

[William Dougherty/Evacuated Residents: “We are blocking our homes as tightly as possible. We will now go to another county. We will evacuate there.”]

Idalia, which swept through Cuba two days ago, was initially rated 1, the weakest among the 5, but is moving north along the Gulf of Mexico. In just one day, it quickly grew into a super-strong category 4 hurricane.

It is analyzed that this summer’s climate change had an impact as the seawater temperature rose to 32 degrees.

[Phil Klotzbach/Colorado State University Meteorologist: “The water temperature in the ocean where the typhoon arrived is over 31 or 32 degrees. This effectively provides fuel for the typhoon to become a rocket.”] 12 million people in the southeastern United States

. A tornado warning was issued to residents due to a strong hurricane.

US President Biden has already authorized a federal emergency and is preparing for hurricanes.

Last year, Category 4 Hurricane Ian of similar power struck Florida, killing 150 people and causing tsunami waves and strong winds to collapse buildings and bridges. 

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