‘Sushi for 10 Servings’ Lee Jae-myeong’s family, are you prepared to quit fish for the rest of your life?

During the mad cow disease outbreak in 2008, an actress said, “I would rather put cyanide in my mouth than eat American beef.” With that word, she rose to the ranks of ‘Conceptual Celebrity’. A video of her eating a hamburger in Las Vegas sparked controversy. She explained that it was filmed before the mad cow disease outbreak. It means that she found out later that she had put something more dangerous than cyanide into her mouth. I wonder how anxious she must have been during the 10 years of her incubation period. I overcame those years of fear by posting a tribute to Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon and supporting the campaign for Rep. Yoon Mi-hyang.

A person who served as Minister of Agriculture and Forestry during the Kim Dae-jung administration said, “Let’s boil chicken infected with bird flu” rather than eating American beef. Three years later, it was revealed that he had traveled to the United States while eating hamburgers. He said that the beef sold in the US is less than 20 months old, so it is safe, unlike the beef that is 30 months old or older for import from Korea. The Korean beef we eat is okay, and the American beef that Americans eat is okay, but only American beef imported by Korea is dangerous. Even the safety of food is exquisitely adjusted to suit the political conflict.

It is only known that the two accidentally ate American hamburgers. In 2021 and 2022, South Korea has become the world’s largest importer of US beef. I used to stare at the customers around me who were grilling American beef at the restaurant. “Aren’t they the people who lit candles in Gwanghwamun and shouted, ‘Song Song Song, Hole Tak’?”

“Eating American beef… ” After 15 years of fear marketing, “drinking contaminated water from Fukushima… ” is being parodied. A member of the Democratic Party said, “I’d rather eat X.” If you explain that the Fukushima effluent does not threaten the safety of our seas, they say, “Then you can drink.”

People in the Democratic Party are poised to live without even touching seafood. If our sea is covered with radiation, the fish caught there must be poisonous. Since it is said that it is more harmful than human consumption, it is natural not to eat it. They set it up so hard to have some fun during the general election, but I wonder how long their seafood fast will last.

It was said that mad cow disease is a matter of life or death depending on the nationality of the beef. Contaminated water ghost stories have no borders. The Democratic Party claims that all products, whether made in Japan or Korea, are ‘covered with cesium’. If they put any fish in their mouths, they would be denying what they had said.

Mad cow disease provided an excuse to throw out ghost stories메이저놀이터 after safety measures such as banning animal feed and removing dangerous parts had expired. The Fukushima discharge has no such retreat. The Democratic Party called the IAEA’s decision that it was okay to discharge contaminated water as a “can report” and called experts who said it was okay to drink contaminated water as “quacks.” After having fun with the contaminated water ghost story, he cut off the rope to escape.

It is not a problem that will be resolved in a year or two. 1.32 million tons of Fukushima contaminated water are stored in 1066 tanks. Japan has a policy of discharging 120 tons per day for 30 years. The contaminated water that flowed toward the Pacific Ocean is predicted to flow into the East Sea and the West Sea in four to five years after passing through Alaska, California, and Hawaii in the United States along the direction of the current. As the years pass, the cumulative amount of discharge increases. The concentration of radioactive substances in the waters of the Korean Peninsula, which the Democratic Party claims, will also gradually increase. After 30 years, the point at which the last discharged contaminated water reaches the Korean Peninsula will be 2057.8. This is the point when CEO Lee Jae-myeong, born in 1964, passed the age of 90.

Representative Lee Jae-myung’s family delivered 10 servings of fish sushi to their homes at a time. If it wasn’t for a secret election camp, that means a family of four ate more than two servings. I can’t imagine a family like this living without fish for the next 35 years. There are two workarounds. First, Lee Jae-myeong-pyo reversed his words. He spat on what he said, saying, “I said Park Geun-hye, whom I respect, and I knew you really respected me.” He also promised to give up the privilege of non-arrest twice as a presidential election campaign promise and a speech at the National Assembly, but then was thrown out.

Second, there is a method of pretending to throw up ‘cesium fish’ in front of you, then turning around and secretly eating it. If you fast properly, it is said that about 10 days is the limit. In the leftist camp, there are many fighters who have returned to their daily lives without eating for dozens of days. On the day the Democratic Party’s National Assembly passed a resolution condemning Japan, they exchanged travel plans for Japan through text messages. The text contained information on travel destinations in Japan where ‘Korean tourists are rare’. Representative Lee Jae-myung will also wonder where it is.

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