Tea and bread are good, but the atmosphere of the building is the best… Two large cafes with outstanding architectural beauty

Going out to large cafes has now become one of the leisure activities. I often stop by a large cafe that I meet while passing through an alley, or a large cafe that looks out of the window while driving to avoid the heat. Especially on a hot day like these days, having coffee and dessert indoors is a great happiness. In particular, it is not an exaggeration to say that visiting cafes that are good for taking pictures due to their unique appearance and where everyone asks, “Where is this place?” when posted on social media has become an outing culture.

So these days, I go to cafes not simply to drink coffee, but to feel the atmosphere of the space. Perhaps that is why there are many cafes that are designed with a unique exterior and a comfortable interior. Large cafes with emotional interior and exterior design as well as coffee and dessert taste are loved for a long time.

I visited two cafes that I would like to recommend to large cafe maniacs, thinking that a cafe built by a famous architect would stand out more for its architectural beauty. ‘ Ledetour ‘ in Gwanggyo, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, and ‘ Moani ‘ cafe located in Bundang, Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do. Both are ‘large cafes with taste and style’ that are good for a weekend outing.

Invitation to Le D Tour Café, the space of architect Kwak Hee-sooThere is a cafe designed by Kwak Hee-soo, a world-renowned architect who won the World Architecture Award, the American Architecture Award, and the Presidential Award at the Korean Architecture Awards.

Architect Kwak Hee-su drew attention by winning the World Architecture Award (WA) for the Shincheon -ri house of Dong-gun Jang and So-young Koh, which was completed in December 2013.

At the ‘Lee D Tour’ cafe, which is located against the backdrop of Mt. Gwanggyosan, you can properly see the hand of architect Kwak Hee-soo, a master of exposed concrete construction. When you turn the corner of the alley, a building with a nice but not excessive design catches your eye. The gray concrete exterior walls give off a neat feel. You can immediately feel that it was designed with the concept of ‘unexpected beauty met on the way around the corner’.The concept of Le D Tour Café is ‘hospitality’. There is a small garden at the entrance of the cafe, and the road leading to the entrance is long, so you can feel as if you are an invited guest. Various spaces inside the cafe, especially the benches placed on the stairs, have been created so that customers can sit freely and enjoy their time.Le D Tour consists of the 1st to 3rd floors and the rooftop. Each floor can be accessed by elevator, but it is recommended to go up and down the stairs. This is because Le D Tour stands out with its ‘void’ structure, in which all floors can be seen at once as you go up the stairs. Void refers to intentionally designing an empty space.In the building built with a void structure, you can see the multi-faceted scenery of each floor from the stairs and the scene of people going up and down the stairs at a glance.On a sunny day, how about grabbing a seat on the rooftop on the top floor? On the rooftop terrace, there are round seats and regular seats on the stairs. As the subtitle of the Rudy Tour concept is ‘Stair Garden’, various seats using the stairs were prepared to add to the fun of the space. Ondol is installed in the rooftop seats, so you can enjoy it even in cold weather.Kim Bo-reum, leader of the Le D Tour team, said that busking performances are often held on the rooftop in spring and fall. The date and time of the busking performance will be revealed through the Redee Tour official Instagram.Like a bakery cafe, one side is designed with a transparent window where you can see the bread being made. Seeing the busy making of bread and the staff serving freshly baked bread makes me think, ‘This bread is sincere’.

Professional patissiers make it every day, produce it on the same메이저놀이터 day, and sell it on the same day in principle. Le D’Tour’s bread is all made with ‘Izuni Butter’. Izuni butter is one of seven types of butter certified by Europe’s ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ ( Appellation d’Origine Protégée ⸱ AOP ). The AOP label is given after strictly examining butter, cheese, wine, sausage, etc. produced in a specific region with traditional methods.

Perhaps because of this, Le D’Tour’s bakery is evaluated as having a particularly soft and flavorful taste. Le D’Tour is famous for its pastry-style bakery, which uses each grain individually, and its croissants topped with soft cream and various toppings.

Strawberry Danish pastry is a cream bread with large strawberries on top. The inside of the pastry is filled with soft cream that is not sweet, so it goes well with strawberries. There were also many visitors who came to Le D Tour to eat ‘Palmi Curry’. Ppalmi curry is a dessert made by baking layers of pastry until crispy and coated with chocolate. Unlike the ppalmi curry that I tasted at other cafes, the savory taste was strong, and I felt both chewy and crispy.

Le D Tour’s signature drink is ‘Red Bean Einstephener’, a latte drink topped with sweet cream made from red bean paste. Especially popular in the summer, ‘Red Tour Coke’ is a plum-flavored drink sprinkled with cinnamon powder to give it a sweet, refreshing feel.

‘A space where architecture and nature harmonize’, Moani Cafe‘Cafe Moani’ located in Bundang was built by architect Bae Dae-yong, who personally designed Haeden Museum, Nainwon Hannam, and KT&G Sangsang Madang, a complex cultural space.Moani designed it with the concept of ‘Second Nature : Second Nature’. He led modern people in a complicated daily life to nature close to the city center and made it a space where they can relax.Located in a place surrounded by mountains, the cafe with a white outer wall that can be seen through the green trees is uniquely beautiful. The building was designed with the beauty of curves in mind.The interior is decorated with wooden furniture in a clean white tone, giving a comfortable and cozy feeling. Thanks to the outstanding architectural beauty, it has appeared on TV. Appeared as a background for SBS drama ‘We’re breaking up’, web drama ‘Anna’, and LG commercials. On the first floor, various miscellaneous goods and coffee beans are also sold.You can order on the first floor and sit where you want, but there are many people on the second floor. This is because there is a seat in front of the window where you can enjoy the outside scenery and spend a leisurely time.The main menu of Café Moani is salt bread. Kwon Hye-jin, head of Café Moani, announced the release of Salt Bread’s new menu. Sweet salt bread with vanilla bean cream, salt bread topped with egg salad, salt bread with cheese and basil pesto, and butter salt bread have been introduced since the 22nd.Cafe Moani also held a one-day Pilates class in the backyard space. It is a very popular program because you can spend time healing while smelling the mountain scent. Currently, I am in the process of designing various contents, so I am not doing a separate class.

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