Ten Haha’Two players mentioned the killing club’ → “It doesn’t fit my team”…’Blood wind’ notice

 “They don’t fit the standards of a professional soccer team I manage.”

Manchester United manager Eric Ten Haag made this public statement about a particular player. He made it public that he was already making a ‘killer’ with the season just around the corner.

Since Ten Hagh said ‘them’, of course it’s revenge. The players mentioned are goalkeeper David de Gea and captain Harry Maguire.

According to the UK’s The Sun reported on the 23rd, Ten Hagh made this statement ahead of the FA Cup in England. Manchester United will play Brighton at midnight on the 24th.

Ten Hagh took a direct hit, saying, “The two players made a big mistake in the match against Sevilla, so they were not one step ahead of the rest.” Of course, it is still unknown whether the two players will be kicked out of Manchester United after the season, but the media is even saying that the careers of the two players, especially Maguire, are over.

Manchester United suffered a 0-3 defeat by Sevilla in the second leg of the quarterfinals of the UEFA Europa League in the 2022-23 season held in Seville, Spain on the morning of the 21st (Korean time). The reason for the opening goal in this match was because of two people.

The situation in which the two players conceded a ‘joint opening goal’ was really terrible. In the 8th minute of the first half, Sevilla striker Lamela blocked Maguire’s pass, which took over the ball from Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea. Ennesiri, who took possession of the ball, scored the goal. The first goal was conceded due to an absurd mistake.

In particular, when De Gea passed Maguire, Maguire gestured with his hand to ask for the ball.

The media scolded Maguire for his outrageous demands by capturing the match replay and showing close-ups of Maguire gesturing to De Gea in the presence of three Sevilla strikers.

So the British press said, ‘De Gea’s pass ended Maguire’s Manchester United career. Maguire and De Gea created the disaster.”토토사이트

The media seems to be excluding Maguire while predicting the defense team. It is believed that Casemiro is likely to take over as centre-back. Also planned is the return of midfielder Bruno Fernandes.

Ten Haag, ahead of the FA Cup semi-finals, said, “There are many cases where we cannot properly use our tactics due to injuries and suspensions not only in the midfield but also in the attacking defense.” I am looking for it,” he said.

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