Thanks to the people around me who helped me a lot” SSG’s victory card with skills, guts and even humility

Choi Min-joon (24) is the most reliable card in the SSG gyetoojin. 

After graduating from Gyeongnam High School, he made his professional debut in 2018. He pitched in 51 games last year and completed a career-high season with an average ERA of 3.95 with 5 wins, 4 losses and 5 holds. He has grown even more this season. He got on the mound five times and took two holds. His earned run average is 0.00. The most notable thing is that he did not allow even a single pitch in 4⅔ innings. 

A club official explained, “He was able to find space on the mound while pitching in many games last year. As he gained more space, he became more confident about his ball.” 

His increased restraint also helped a lot in boosting Choi Min-joon’s confidence. He has noticeably accelerated from an average speed of 141.4 km last year to 145.9 km this year. A club official said, “Thanks to the speedy speed, I gained confidence and actively competed with batters, and thanks to that, the number of walks decreased.”  

Choi Min-joon, who met with reporters ahead of the Daegu Samsung Match on the 12th, said, “It is thanks to the help from people around me. It helped,” he said humbly. 

What is the secret to recovering the lost redemption? Choi Min-joon said, “I became timid on the mound because I didn’t get results. I couldn’t throw the ball because my confidence was low. Thanks to the constant appointment of the coach, I got better as I gained experience.” He added, “It’s still early in the season, so I can’t say I’ve fully recovered my speed, but my goal is to maintain my average speed until the end of the season.” 

He also has good fighting skills. He pitched in all three matches against Hanwha on the 7th and 9th, and played ⅔ innings against Samsung on the 11th. Choi Min-joon smiled, saying, “It’s still early in the season, so it’s not difficult. It’s better because good results come out in close matches.” 

The SSG gyetoojin is well harmonized with old and new. There is a wide range of age groups, from veterans such as Koh Hyo-jun and Roh Kyung-eun to young pitchers such as Choi Min-jun. Choi Min-joon expressed his confidence,토스카지노 “The seniors lead the juniors well and say a lot of good things. Young players work hard with their spirit. I never think they are weak.” 

He made a relaxed expression, saying, “I had a lot of walks until last year. When I thought to myself, I thought I could put in enough strikes, but I didn’t get results, so I’d say I was avoiding them. Now that I’m more confident, I play boldly with batters, so I can’t even walk.” .

Someday, he will allow pitches and home runs, but he has a strong will to maintain his thick guts throughout the season. 

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