The ’53-year-old invincible’ KK show that even MLB captivated… “This is amazing”

Even at the age of 53, Koo Dae-sung, the “unbeatable star” who showed undying flames, captivated the United States, the home of baseball. On the 21st (Korean time), the MLB official SNS account shared a video of Koo Dae-sung standing on the mound wearing a Geelong Korea uniform. Koo Dae-sung came on as a relief pitcher in the bottom of the 8th inning after losing 0-7 against the Adelaide Giants in the Australian League held at the Diamond Sports Stadium in West Beach, Adelaide, Australia on the 19th. It was the first real match in four years since the appearance against Brisbane on January 20, 2019, when he was the first manager of Geelong Korea (1 inning scoreless).

Koo Dae-seong got off to a good start, striking out Rickson Wingrove, the first hitter, on a swing at 115 km/h with a side slider. Then, pinch hitter Liam Bull was put out with a shortstop ground ball, and pinch hitter Ryan January was struck out with an inside looking strikeout, ending the inning cleanly with a three-way exit. The number of pitches was 19.

The MLB account shared the scene of Koo Dae-sung perfectly controlling January’s body and striking out looking, saying, ‘This is really amazing.스포츠토토 53-year-old Koo Dae-sung is still completely blocking hitters,’ he explained.

Major League Baseball fans reacted enthusiastically. Most of the reactions were playful, such as “The New York Mets should bring him in right away” and “Steve Cohen (owner of the Mets) is watching.” Koo Dae-seong actually played for the Mets during one season in 2005 when he was 35 years old. He pitched in 33 games, pitched 23 innings, struck out 23, and had an earned run average of 3.91.

Like a billionaire, Cohen’s owner spent a lot of money in Stove League and ‘player hoarding’. They acquired pitchers Justin Verlander (2 years, $86 million), Senga Godai (5 years, $75 million), and outfielder Tommy Pham (1 year, $6 million). Outfielder Brandon Nemo signed an eight-year, $162 million contract. Fans suggested Koo Dae-seong as a bullpen card that needs reinforcement for the owner who spends money generously.

Koo Dae-sung recorded the highest speed of 117 km. It cannot be seen as a pitch that overwhelms batters, but he got ahead in battles with batters with his skill. He set a good example for the juniors of Geelong Korea, who gave up 11 walks before Koo Dae-sung took the mound.

Koo Dae-seong joined the Binggrae Eagles (currently Hanwha Eagles) in 1993 as the first choice and until 2010 played only in Hanwha in the KBO League. He had 67 wins, 214 saves, 18 holds, 1128⅔ innings pitched, 1221 strikeouts, and an earned run average of 2.85 in 569 career games. He also played in overseas leagues such as the Mets, Orix Blue Wave and Sydney Blue Sox.

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